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February 27, 2015

Do you look in the mirror and wonder who the hell the person looking back at you is?

I feel like most of my days I get through in a zombie-like state. I wake, I do, I do some more. Then I fall asleep passively and wake the next day to start over. I ask myself, What am I doing? I go to my computer trying to find answers. Try this! Do that! There are supposed answers everywhere.

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Yes, yes, yes, being a wife and mother is part of my identity. I get it. But through these roles my identity is being defined by outside forces.

My true identity is who I am without the labels. Who I dream to be. Who I dare to be.

I realized through all this that I'm having an identity crisis. I need to find recognition in the reflection that greets me every morning.

Are you also in this same identity wagon? Here are five signs to find out:

1. You're starting to question who you are beyond the labels on your life.

Are you a parent, spouse, employee, or friend? And how are you defined through these labels? Asking yourself these questions is a sure sign that you're starting to question who you are.

2. You imagine yourself from time to time running away from it all, alone, all by yourself.

Where are you running to in your imagination?

3. You're reading all you can get your eyes on about life's purpose and passion.

This is because you realized not too long ago that your life has got to be about something more.

4. You wonder what's underneath your outward appearance.

You're curious to find out who you would be if you took away all the labels and stripped down all your baggage. Who remains?

5. You repeatedly ask yourself, Who am I? What am I doing? What do I want?

In the depth of an identity crisis things can seem unmanageable, even overpowering. Know that this crisis is actually the start of a grand journey.

You've been given the chance to realize who it is looking back at you and what they want. Go for it. Open the individual bank account, run away for the weekend, or get off the old and weary path and take a new one. Put on your boots and start trekking. Find yourself.

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