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5 Signs You're Betraying Your True Calling

Susie Moore
November 19, 2014
Susie Moore
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November 19, 2014

So many people I coach in New York City come to me feeling like they fell into their line of work and made it a success, but no longer find it easy to show up with enthusiasm, embrace growth in your role and feel passionate about your job. The money they make is good, but their heart isn't in their work.

Is this success? Materially, perhaps. Externally (based on what others think)? Probably. But what our hearts know is that true fulfillment, and nothing else, is the real measure of success.

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When we work with joy, we are at one with the universe. We do so much more than create our greatest work when this happens; it's how we become our happiest, our wisest and our most loving self. When all is said and done, this is all that truly matters — to love your work and be true to your life's unique and individualized assignment.

Over time these people often end up making a stash of cash, too, because abundance flows to connected, happy and energetic people. And we secretly know this — every one of us.

Here are five key signs that you are not doing your real work, your life's work, here on earth:

1. You dream of something else.

Are the books you read, the subjects you love to talk about and the topics you research aligned with your work? These things are all big signs about what interests and motivates you.

2. You have a niggling feeling that you're wasting your time (which means you probably are).

Our soul knows when each new week, month, year rolls around that we are wasting ourselves by not activating the special gifts within us that wants to surface. It's like a quiet, unsettling voice that won't be silenced. It worsens over time.

3. You self-medicate.

When we neglect our inner guiding system, we find alternative sources to make us feel good and allow us to be disconnected from our source. This may be in the form of alcohol, overeating, drug use and overspending. These cheap forms of "borrowed happiness" give us momentary respite from a much larger issue. We masquerade our misery but it never lasts — hence a vicious, repetitive cycle that can be self-destructive

4. You are tired and sluggish.

Low physical energy is a significant symptom that you are uninspired. When we do what we love we access energy resources we did not know we had. This is why many wealthy and successful people are highly prolific even into their very mature years. I was just at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards and Sylvia Earle, 79 (active marine biologist) was the most charismatic and passionate winner of the evening. So if you're feeling tired frequently and waiting for the day to pass — its proof its time for change.

5. You are not among your tribe.

Look at the people around you at work. Are you collaborative and passionate about spending time with these people? Are your interests similar? When we are doing work that we love to, we naturally gravitate toward others who are like us and who are doing the same thing. When you have found your tribe, you know it. The line between work and play is positively, beautifully blurred.

I am here to tell you that you can change your life. The universe supports you when you take the necessary steps to fulfill your dream. I have seen it unfold in many cases when we apply time, dedication and action. This is your one shot on the planet!

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Susie Moore

Susie Moore is an English-born writer and life coach based in New York City. A former sales leader for a Fortune 500 company, she inspires and educates women to live the lives they imagined by tuning in to their authentic power and unlocking the confidence to get what they really, really want. You can sign up for Susie's free weekly wellness newsletter at and purchase her new book, What If It Does Work Out? via Amazon.