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Not Glowing? 3 Signs Your Energy Is Blocked

March 27, 2012
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Your aura is a field of illuminating energy that surrounds your body. When you can see it you can not only identify colors which define personalities, moods etc., but it also enables me to identify the “marks” your experiences have left on you.

Your internal responses to your environment, relationships and life events will affect how your energies appear and function. A trauma or unpleasant experience may cause your energies to contract. Being centered, spiritually aligned and operating from your higher truth will lead to expansion of your aura.

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"So how have you been?!" I ask as I greet my friends or clients. "You tell me!” they joke, pointing to their auras.

They do have a fair point. I could tell them how they are feeling and what changes have occurred by observing the shifts in their energy field; however it seems more polite to ask.

Below are three of the most common glitches I observe in auras.

1. Fading

If you feel burnt out, exhausted or have a sense of not belonging, it is most likely your colors are not at their brightest.

I have noticed a common pattern of faded aura colors in women who have sacrificed their needs for many years while raising children. Fading of the aura colors can also happen with redundancies - both literal and figurative, where a person no longer feels wanted. It is as if the soul retreats, believing it is not needed on the planet. In the long term this reduction in life force can reduce energy levels and result in more serious health issues.

If you can identify with the faded state, the following will help:

  • Write down a list of your passions.
  • Be aware of where you are sacrificing identity or needs and establish healthy boundaries.
  • Ask yourself daily: ‘What would I be doing right now if I were fulfilling my life purpose?’.

2. Static Disturbance

Static interference in your aura results from and creates the energetic equivalent of a ‘bad hair day’.

Static appears in the aura where there is chaos, confusion, anxiety and stress. Disconnected feelings, frustrations and even clumsiness are frequent outcomes of this state.

If you are in a static state your field may well affect others. Have you fumbled and dropped something and then noticed a chain reaction of clumsiness around you? You will feel as though you are in a Mr. Bean episode when your aura is this way.

When the static state strikes you, try the following:

  • Meditation, alternate nostril breathing or refocusing techniques. These can shift auric static quite quickly.
  • Identify any internal dilemmas or conflicts and write them down to reduce their charge and attain clarity.
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3. Contracting

If you feel as though you are in survival mode and don’t feel that you are thriving, it is possible that your aura has contracting rather than radiating outward.

A contracted aura is unable to attract positive circumstances, people or opportunities because it is resonating with fear-based, survival states. The good news is that most of the time it is the fear rather than the object of fear, which is causing the contraction. Once the fear has been acknowledged and processed, it is possible to move into an expansive, thriving state again.

If your energies are contracted, the following will assist you in expanding your field:

  • Develop a spiritual practice.
  • Identify what you are avoiding through fear.
  • Work on adopting an attitude of trust.

Remember, your colors are at their brightest and clearest when you feel healthy, connected to your Divine source (whatever you perceive that to be) and aligned to your heart. The more in tune you are with your energy states, the quicker you will be able to make corrections, and experience what it is like to be a better version of you!

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Rachelle Terry
Rachelle Terry

Rachelle Terry has had an ability to see energies and auras since childhood. Her parents encouraged the development of her gift from a young age. At age seven she was initiated to Reiki, an energy-based healing system and various other modalities and she continued to develop her intuitive and healing skills throughout her teens and twenties.

Rachelle has a unique ability to see the mind/body link and interpret information in the energy field and its link with human behavior, life patterns, health and relationships.

Presently she runs a therapy practice in which she helps clients across 13 countries and six continents. Her consultations are available in person and remotely via phone, Skype and FaceTime. In addition to one-on-one consultations, Rachelle also engages with groups to demonstrate her readings and bringing about powerful, healing shifts.