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21 Signs You Need To Start Meditating

Mark Zhang
March 12, 2015
Mark Zhang
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March 12, 2015

If you've been feeling out of sorts and nothing seems to be going your way, your mind and body could be trying to tell you that meditation is needed in your life.

Meditation holds many physical, emotional and mental benefits, from helping you sleep better, to improving your mood and sharpening your focus.

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If you exhibit any of these 21 signs below, it may be time to revive or begin a meditation regimen.

1. You're always exhausted.

Balancing work and family is enough to leave anyone feeling exhausted, and stress is one of the main causes of fatigue. Meditation helps you manage your stress levels and leaves you feeling more energized and rejuvenated.

2. You can't make simple decisions.

When you have trouble deciding what type of coffee to have in the morning, let alone what to wear, you probably need some meditation to help you hit the reset button.

3. You constantly suffer from colds and the flu.

Meditation strengthens the immune system and helps your body fight infections.

4. You feel run down.

When you're not exactly ill, but not feeling your best either, it could mean your immune system is crying out for help. Meditation gives you a boost of energy in your day.

5. You feel overwhelmed.

If you wonder how you'll ever have time to get to everything you need to do today (or this week, or this month), resist the urge to go into overdrive. Meditation improves your focus, allowing you to do more with the resources you have.

6. You can't deal with your workload.

When that pile of work on your desk seems to multiply every time you turn your back and deadlines are looming, you may feel like you can't cope — meditation becomes essential to helping manage your workload.

7. You suffer from mood swings.

If you find that your mood is up and down like a roller coaster, you can use meditation to sooth yourself and let go of anger and frustration to help you find a more even-keeled mindset.

8. Minor setbacks often end up in tears.

If you feel like tears are always close to the surface and appear at the slightest provocation, you need meditation to help you manage those unnecessary waterworks.

9. You wonder about the meaning of life.

When life seems like it's losing its flavor and you start wondering whether your efforts are even worthwhile, meditation helps to bring back the sparkle.

10. You have difficulty staying focused.

A meditation practice allows you to focus and block distractions when you need to.

11. You feel depressed.

You can manage the symptoms of depression and banish negative thoughts through meditation.

12. You're constantly anxious.

Relaxation reduces anxiety, and you're never more relaxed than when you're meditating.

13. You crave change.

Meditation can help you change your thought and behavioral patterns to help you break out of your existing routine.

14. Your temper is frayed.

Meditation teaches you to control your temper and respond to triggering situations with mindfulness, instead of a reaction.

15. You have high blood pressure.

Although experts aren't sure why, meditation has been proven to lower your blood pressure.

16. You struggle with being present.

If you spend more time thinking about past and feeling depressed, and anticipating the future with anxiety, meditation helps you keep your thoughts centered in the present. This allows you to enjoy life as you live it, to stop worrying about the things to come and let go of past pain for good.

17. Your body is full of aches and pains.

Your mind plays a large role in the levels of pain you feel. Regular meditation can help you recover from pain and injury.

18. Your sex life could use a boost.

Mindfulness meditation training eliminates negative or self-judgmental thoughts and teaches you to enjoy the moment, which can help you have mind-blowing sex.

19. Your problems seem insurmountable.

Because meditation helps you to find new perspectives and increase self-awareness, it can also improve your problem-solving skills.

20. You keep falling into the same mental traps.

Greater self-awareness lets you identify mental traps and how to avoid them in future.

21. You're stressed out.

Let's face it, sometimes you know you're just plain stressed. Spending just a few minutes meditating and taking care of your mind, body, and soul is all you need to return to your happy, energetic and productive self.

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Mark Zhang
Mark Zhang

Mark Zhang is a speaker, meditation coach, and the co-founder of PURGGO — a company that creates all-natural, safe, and sustainable Air Eco-Purifiers made with 100 percent Bamboo Charcoal.