A Solar Plexus Ritual For Summertime + Why It's Important

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mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer
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Your Solar Plexus Chakra Needs Attention In Summer + A Ritual To Work With It
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Each of the seven main chakras is associated with a different area of our lives, and when they're all balanced, we, too, can feel balanced as a result. In the case of the solar plexus chakra, or Manipura, the summer season is prime time to work on it. Here's why, plus a ritual and tips to find balance this summer.

What the solar plexus chakra is all about.

The solar plexus chakra is our third chakra, located a few inches above the belly button. Developed between the ages of 15 and 21, it deals with self-worth, self-esteem, confidence, and control of your life. It also deals with shame and self-doubt when blocked.

As reiki master and author of The Art & Truth of Transformation for Women Andrea Firpo explains to mbg, "self-love, self-acceptance, and acknowledgment of our worth are the building blocks of the third chakra."

Whenever we judge, criticize, or feel angry and helpless, however, we close our solar plexus, weakening our willpower. "When our solar plexus is closed," she says, "we are stuck. We cling to sameness and security. We will see all power and control coming from outside of us rather than in."


Why it's important to work with it during summer.

As a chakra all about your personal "fire," it's no surprise that fire is the element associated with this chakra. According to Ayurveda expert and co-founder of SoulFull Veda Rachel Jeffries, summertime (also known as pitta season in Ayurveda) relates to the solar plexus because they're both ruled by the fire element.

In order to maintain balance, she says, it's important to incorporate both water-enhancing practices for balance and fire-stabilizing practices to keep the fire from running rampant.

A ritual for the solar plexus chakra.

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This ritual from Firpo is designed to remind yourself of your power. All you'll need is a yellow candle, a piece of paper, and something to write with. Feel free to set the mood with a little incense too, if you like.

  1. Write down an area in your life where you'd like to receive more (career, relationships, respect from others, etc.).
  2. What conceptual boundary will you need to expand in order to be in a place of receptivity?
  3. Ask yourself, what am I choosing when it comes to ________ (my career, relationships, respect from others)? Speak in the positive and use "I am" phrases.
  4. What vision do I need to hold fast to in order to gain my desires?
  5. Now list the things you're proud of yourself for. Give yourself some love for how far you have come. Remind yourself of how powerful you are. Stay in a place of gratitude until you've filled your page.
  6. As you light your candle, speak your desires and contributions of energy out loud. Stare into the flame, and bring the light into your body with your imagination. Close your eyes, and see the golden light filling up your abdomen, warming you and releasing the tension in your stomach, filling every dark recess with light. 
  7. Breathe deeply into your body, and feel the warmth of the light take away the stress and pressures you have recently experienced. Know that you are worthy of the life you say you want. Love, prosperity, and goodness are possible for you.
  8. As you stare once again at the flicker of the flame, imagine yourself in the future: one year from now. What are you doing? How do you feel? Stay there as long as you need.
  9. Whenever you feel too confused, spaced out, or frightened, visualize this golden light and allow the expansion throughout your body to release anything that stands in your way. Begin to experience confidence in your ability to meet the challenges of your life.

Other ways to balance the solar plexus chakra during summer.

In addition to the ritual, Jeffries suggests the following practices to enhance water and stabilize fire.

Lunar pranayama:

This breathwork practice is cooling, helping to tame masculine energy associated with fire, and maximize feminine (water) energy in your body. Bring your index and middle finger to your third eye, and your thumb to close your right nostril. Breathe in through the left nostril, then close the left nostril and exhale through the right nostril. Repeat the inhalation through the left nostril.


Enjoy cooling foods:

Some of our summertime favorites that are in season right now are actually cooling foods. Jeffries suggests watermelon, lunchtime salads, avocado, coconut, mango, dates, cilantro, and blueberries. "These foods naturally have the water element within them and optimize digestion during the summertime," she adds.

Cool off in a natural body of water:

Take a dip in your nearest stream, lake, or even the ocean if you're able. "Submerging under the ocean waves, dipping in the lake, or swimming laps for exercise are the best ways to release negative energy and calm the mind and body," Jeffries notes.


Stay cool and levelheaded:

Summer (aka pitta season) can make us particularly fiery, according to Jeffries. She recommends keeping a level head by practicing things like yoga Nidra, meditation, and journaling. Whatever helps you feel cool, calm, and collected, though, will help.

Start new projects:

The four aforementioned practices are all about cooling and enhancing water, and these next four are for stabilizing fire. According to Jeffries, "You may feel the extra urge to start something new and create during this time." Seize this energy by trying a new workout or starting a creative project that sparks joy. "Let your creativity and passions run wild," she says.


Commit to something:

Summertime enhances our commitment and endurance level, making this a great time to take on a 40-day challenge, for example. "Grab an accountability friend to hold you to your goals," Jeffries adds.

Own your talents:

"Fire energy is the epitome of being confident and living authentically," Jeffries explains. Own your talents by creating a list of your favorite characteristics about yourself. "Choose three and post them somewhere where you can see them every day," she suggests.

Be courageous:

Last but not least, harness your courage during this time. If there's something you've been putting off out of fear, whether it's a tough conversation or a risk you want to take, "remind yourself of how incredible you are, puff up your chest, and crush it," Jeffries says.

If you're feeling like your solar plexus chakra could be a little out of whack, don't stress—there are ways to get it back in balance. From chakra-inspired affirmations to chakra-clearing mudras and, of course, any of the options mentioned above, your solar plexus is sure to be in great shape by the time summer comes to an end.

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