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3 Reasons Why You Deserve the Best!

Kristen Hedges
September 13, 2012
Kristen Hedges
Written by
September 13, 2012

Too often, we find ourselves in a rut. We are unhappy with our job. Unhappy with our relationship. Uncomfortable with where we’re living. It’s making us sick, stressed, and forever fatigued. It may even be killing us! And yet, we don’t have the motivation to change. To dig ourselves out! To truly be alive and happy and thriving! Today, I’m giving you the motivation. The motivation to quit that job. To move on from a one sided relationship. To pack up your house, stuff it all in your car, and move to the place you’ve always dreamed of exploring.

It’s simple. You are worth it. Your happiness is worth everything. Here’s why:

1. Because you are you. You are a completely unique life form. No one has ever been quite like you, and no one ever will be. Because of this, YOU are the one who controls your life. And no matter how hard some people may try to steal the reigns, you can always grab them back and steady yourself on the path you choose. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says – whether it’s a parent, a sibling, a friend, or a significant other. Deep down, you know what you truly want to be accomplishing in your life. You know what your path is. Listen to other’s advice, follow it if it suits your fancy, but don’t be afraid to politely decline. You are beautiful. You are strong. You have a story to create that’s completely and totally yours – when will you begin to write it?

2. Because when you shine, others will ignite. While I was living at an Ashram in the rolling hills of California, our Swami’s often reinforced the idea daily that we are all living lights. We glow! And you know what I’m talking about – there are those folks that “light up the room” when they enter, or who “radiate” when they smile. Without discomfort and unhappiness fogging your mind, you can make space for the light in your chest to shine. You will be brilliant. When you’re illuminated, you can feel it! You’re confident, happy, full of laughter, and you simply want to share it with everyone you encounter. And to share this light, you don’t even have to try. You just have to be you! Smile at strangers! Give someone a warm embrace. Be there – with mind and body – for your loved ones. Spread compassion with soft eyes. Be the light, and you will ignite the light in others.

3. When it comes down to it, you’re all you’ve got. And this isn’t as bleak as it sounds; it is a beautiful thing! It’s a chance to realize your worth. To understand that everyone is born alone, and everyone dies alone. There is no one in this world that matters more than you. To some, this is a hard concept to accept. Parents will always love their children unconditionally – perhaps more than they love themselves. But think back to what I mentioned earlier. When you shine, you will spread your light to others. It’s the same in any situation. If you are devoting most of your time to the care of another, you aren’t truly giving them all of yourself. You will always experience an ache – a yearning! – for self love and care. For freedom. For happiness. However, if you make sure you’re shining and joyous first, then you will give them twice as much love and kindness as before. If you treat yourself with loving kindness, proper nutrition, and gentile patience, you will be more likely to express these traits to those who you love and care for.

So love yourself! Make sure that you’re happy. Are you living someone else's story? If you are, pick up your pen, take off the cap, and begin writing your own. Share it with others, and invite them warmly into your heart. But don’t forget – you are a beautiful being. You are light, you are a blessing, and you are worth everything.

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Kristen Hedges

Kristen Hedges is a writer & meditation teacher living in the crooked pines of California with her daughter, her husband, & their little dog. The four of them are wildly introverted, so she spends the better part of her days in a milky silence, sipping something hot, telling Aspen slow stories of the forest while Ken takes naps and tends to the backyard farm. Kristen is certified as a Yoga & Meditation Instructor, as well as a Holistic Health Practitioner, and enjoys teaching spirited mamas how to stay happy, healthy and mindful through stories, plant-based nourishment, & a whole lot of wild soul searching. Here first book, Something Like The Desert, was published in 2015.