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A Mindful Outdoor Meditation, Inspired By Plant Geometry & Nature's Healing Powers

Jemma Foster
mbg Contributor By Jemma Foster
How To Access The Healing Power Of Nature — Through A Conversation With A Plant
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Behind every disease pattern is an energetic signal, a pulse that is calling out, a rupture, a crack in the fabric of our being, and it is this the plant is responding to. By tuning in to the energetics of plants and aligning our vibration with theirs, we can, through sympathetic resonance, receive their healing and wisdom.

Sit under a tree, and it will shower you with its sacred geometry. When we open our hearts, we are able to decode the information that exists within nature if we allow plants to "talk" to us, to divulge their ancient wisdom.

Our energy fields communicate with everything we come into contact with, and by immersing ourselves in nature, we allow it to become the architect of our own energetics. It begins to redesign our geometry, activate the parasympathetic nervous system, rewire neural pathways, and upgrade the crystalline structure of cellular membranes—it recalibrates our antennas.

When we are out in nature, sitting before a plant, we become the essence of the plant that we are working with, the water of our bodies mirrors its vibration and our sacred geometry is one.

A plant communication exercise:

  1. Go out in nature. Make sure to turn your phone off as it can distort or block communication with your surroundings.
  2. Find a place where you can be alone, without distractions, and turn down the volume on your thoughts.
  3. Allow your intuition to guide you toward a particular plant. Sit next to it, and allow your body to relax.
  4. There is nothing to force; just breathe and be present. Turn up fully in the moment. This is an exercise in feeling from your heart and communicating on a cellular level.
  5. You may sense a point when you are on the same wavelength as the plant. Your energy fields cross, and there is a synchronicity between you. You merge and alter your lens of perception.
  6. The communication is energetic, and it arrives first through the light language of sacred geometry. It is then interpreted by your body as a feeling, sensation, memory, idea, or vision. It may offer you healing or reveal to you its particular medicine. This may come to you straight away or later on as an "ah-ha" moment.
  7. The more you repeat this practice, the more sensitive and empathic you become. Intuition is like a muscle that needs to be worked.
  8. You can do this exercise with the same plant at home. As you build up your relationship, you may find yourself watering your plant at seemingly random times or moving its position as the plant "speaks" to you.

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