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6 Questions To Journal On For The Pisces New Moon

mbg Contributor By Alexandra Roxo
mbg Contributor
Alexandra Roxo is a spiritual teacher and creator of Radical Awakenings. She has been featured in the New York Times, Nylon, and Vogue for her innovative approach to healing and wellness.
woman journaling with zodiac signs

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Oftentimes, we're raised to keep calm and carry on, smile, and stay on task. No one ever really teaches us how to change, how to transform, how to heal. But these things are so essential to the human experience!

How and why I first got into moon ritual.

Following the moon cycle is a great way to monitor change in your life and start a more cyclical way of being. By mirroring your inner worlds with the planet's patterns, you can push forward toward more transformation and healing. But it's not just saying "Yay New Moon!" every month. It's about acknowledging there is a deeper rhythm to life, that there is always something going on under the surface of the busyness, the Google cal, the phone notifications, and the to-do's. 

When I first started working with the cycles of the moon, it gave me permission to look beyond psychology and science on my path to a more fulfilling life. It was just me and the moon. At the beginning of a new cycle, I could sit on my meditation cushion or by my favorite tree and meditate on whatever "thing" I have been working on internally—check in with it, and give it a refresh for the new cycle. I could use the power of prayer, altar making, sacred bath making, art, dancing, singing, cooking—everything!—to bring awareness to the issue at hand, begin to accept it, and allow for a new story or pattern to emerge.

The moon quickly became a sacred container for me, a space where I could commune with nature and the divine in a way that was separated from religions or rules. After 15 years of conducting this work, I've started guiding others through it on Moon Club—a digital gathering around the moon where people around the world are invited to use breathwork and embodiment practice to heal through old emotions and move energy.


A writing ritual for the new moon.

The Pisces new moon coming up on Wednesday, March 6, is a beautiful time to dive into the watery depths of your moon practice. Pisces is all about the emotions—my favorite place to play!

To prepare for a ritual that gets to the root of your innermost feelings and emotions, start by carving out a sacred space. Get your Marie Kondo on and create a clutter-free area to settle into. Use some incense to clear the space, and grab a bowl of water to use as your altar. You can also add a white candle, a blue stone, a tarot card that relates to emotions (like the suit of cups), or a photo of the ocean—all things Pisces!

Put on some sweet tunes or use a phone app to play soundscapes from nature. (I'm guilty of sleeping to the sounds of ocean waves since I was 15!) Then, whip out your journal and hand-write answers to the following questions:

  1. What is bothering me the most right now? What is calling my attention? (Examples: relationships with family, love, frustration around lack, annoyance at the body, etc.)
  2. What is underneath this issue? Does it relate to my parents? My self-worth? My fears about uncertainty?
  3. What am I gaining by staying in this pattern of suffering? (Example: By not loving my body, I have an excuse to eat junk food!)
  4. Who could I be if I wasn't struggling with this issue? What would I look like? Sound like? 
  5. Imagine living without the issue. Who are my friends? What do my days look like?
  6. What is one step I am going to focus on this cycle to get me closer to being that person?

Then sit and meditate on what you wrote. Write your one step on a separate piece of paper and come back to it next month to see what has shifted.

Close the ritual space by blowing out the candle and listening to those ocean sounds as you drift off to sleep or into your day.

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