A New Moon Ritual For Every Enneagram Type, From An Expert

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The Perfect New Moon Ritual For You, Based On Your Enneagram Type

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August's new moon is just around the corner, arriving on Sunday, August 8. New moons are a powerful time for starting fresh, setting intentions, and beginning new projects. And depending on your Enneagram type, you might want to tailor your approach to this lunar blank slate.

We asked certified Enneagram coach and author of The Enneagram in Love, Stephanie Barron Hall, for the activities and rituals she recommends for each type during this new moon.

Type One:

Type Ones can put a lot of pressure on themselves, Hall tells mbg, which can certainly get in the way of trying to start something new. So why not let your subconscious takeover? Hall recommends trying yoga Nidra, a type of guided meditation that works alongside your own individual intention, to help you live in alignment with your highest good.


Type Two:

If you're a Type Two, you probably have no problem offering encouragement for others but forget to give it back to yourself most of the time. Whether you write yourself an encouraging note, list positive affirmations, or simply take some time to shower yourself in self-love (a ritual in and of itself) under the new moon, Hall says it's about giving back to yourself right now.

Type Three:

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Similar to Type Ones, Hall notes Type Threes are very preoccupied with productivity—but must remember that not everything needs an end goal or purpose. It's OK to laugh and feel things just for the sake of feeling them.

How can you invite laughter into your life on this new moon? Practice along with "Laughter Yoga" videos to help unlock your inner child's laughter, or keep it simple and watch something you know will make you laugh. The key is to relax and enjoy the moment as it is.


Type Four:

According to Hall, Type Fours are prone to introspection and going inward all the time. But it can be hard to let things go when we bottle them up! So this new moon, consider holding a new moon circle with a few people you value and trust. You can open up in a new way, and get it all out for the start of a brand-new lunar cycle. Don't be shy, and allow yourself to be heard and supported by your loved ones.

Type Five:

Type Fives, Hall notes, "need to feel more grounded and reconnected with the world." They spend a lot of time in their head in the realms of logic and thinking rather than feelings and emotions. To tap into the emotive lunar energy, take a trip to an art museum or a movie theater, where you can appreciate the feelings that arise without judgment.


Type Six:

Type Sixes can feel incredibly responsible for everything, and Hall suggests redefining what those responsibilities actually are. Sometimes this leads to disempowerment, so she suggests powerful breathwork, such as breath of fire, to help you tap into your inner strength. She adds that taking a bit of healthy risk this new moon isn't a bad idea, either.

Type Seven:

Lighthearted, silly, and fun, Type Sevens also take in a lot of input, according to Hall, and they'd benefit from a bit of a reduction in that department. This new moon, consider something like a sound bath that still provides input—but not information. Hall adds any sort of active meditation, like a walking meditation, for example, would also provide a tolerable break from your usual information overload.


Type Eight:

Type Eights have fierce personalities, and while that's not a bad thing, they would do well to invite a touch of softness into their lives, Hall notes. An expressive activity like journaling or creative writing can help them get in touch with their gentler side, she says. An art project that requires a more refined touch, like ceramics or candle-making, would also be great for this type.

Type Nine:

And last but not least, Type Nines are people who really value their security and stability, Hall explains. To start this lunar cycle feeling grounded and steady, she says a root-chakra-balancing ritual would serve them well. Try dancing, walking in nature, and even visualizing red glowing at the base of your spine can help bring your root chakra back to a more balanced place.

No matter your Enneagram type, the new moon is a potent time for taking the first steps in something new and starting fresh.

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