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A Meditation For Creativity & Renewal Using Flower Visualization

Mitzi Campbell
April 7, 2015
Mitzi Campbell
Written by
April 7, 2015

When that first little crocus pushes itself into view, we are at once relieved and enlivened. Signs of spring are harbingers of all things warm, green and fresh —awakening the earth and the soul to the promise of something lush.

Once we have made it through the long winter into a world of color and light, we bloom. This is a highly auspicious, creative time for all of us.

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Visualization is a very powerful, invigorating tool to encourage our blossoming.

This short meditation themed around spring uses the visualization of a blooming flower to harness your creativity, leaving you with a sense of renewal and rebirth.

Visualizing the progress and prosperity of your creative dreams is a great way to structure your life for success.

Sit in a comfortable position, as for meditation. Picture a flower that has meaning to you. Use a photograph of a tranquil white lily, a passionate red rose, or a playful pink daisy as inspiration.

Close your eyes as you visualize each section below, pausing between each to refocus on your flower. Spend at least five minutes on each part. Allow the flower to become a metaphor for your strength, beauty and vibrancy. Embody the elements of the flower as you envision growth, power and renewal.

A Meditation For Creativity & Renewal Using Flower Visualization


Lao Tzu said, “To see things in the seed, that is genius.” These wise words are spot on because this is where it all begins. All that is the flower is contained in the seed. All that you are is contained in that spark inside you, a feeling at your very core. Find the seed. It is the heart.

Identify a core desire that you wish to cultivate this spring.


Imagine the roots of the flower embedded firmly in the soil.

The roots hold the flower firmly in place. They represent stability. Roots are what keep the flower grounded. Consider your roots. See them growing deeply and steadily. Feel yourself as determined, resilient, enduring and solid. Set your foundation.


Picture that very first tiny leaf coming up through the earth. It is barely green and a bit shy at first. It yearns forth, soon getting taller. See a healthy, strong you. See you reaching and growing. This is the perfect time to see yourself making “good” into “better,” to climb, to strive for excellence, to build on to that foundation, to go one more step and to keep going, to be higher.

This is awakening and perseverance.


Now the stem is tall and sturdy.

It becomes a deeper green and begins to thicken. It may bend, but it does not break. It sways gently, accepting the wisdom of the wind. It thrives. This is you.

You are galvanized yet flexible. You keep going.


At last we see the burgeoning first sign of color. Imagine the very palest hue at its inception; see the tints and tones deepen and develop. Imagine this tiny bud as pure potential. It can be anything. It can be everything. The world is an open promise. There are positive changes afoot as each soft petal forms and prospers.

See yourself as the ever-evolving bud. You are a perpetual work in progress. Envision life as you burst forth in advancing creativity. Once the colors are visible, you cannot stop them from forming the flower. Inhabit this process of renewal. Your desire comes alive.


This is a deliberate unfurling. Before your eyes, the petals open. Think of the specific properties of your flower. Focus on the shape of each petal. See its lines and contours. See every nuance of color. Contemplate the qualities that this flower embodies: love, peace, beauty, whimsy, or flamboyance.

This is the essence of the flower’s existence. It must bloom to go on living.

The bloom may have spots, blemishes or erratic curves. It is often perfectly imperfect. It is made up of many parts of various shapes and sizes, each in exactly the right spot to make up a cohesive blossom, much like the many facets of you. See the pieces of your fulfillment coming together. Like a flower, you are complex. Inside you are many wondrous things. See your effervescence.


Reflect on this energetic exertion. The flower has preened in splendor until it is time to curl back in for a bit. Relax.

Spend long moments in quiet contemplation. Offer stillness. Be content. Store your resources in a time of replenishment. You and your flower have completed a cycle. This is the time you experience surrender and acceptance. Where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be.


You are perennial. Just as flowers will come again and again, there is no end to your cycle of blooming. There is no limit to the beauty, courage, creativity and vitality that emerges from inside of you. Open or closed, your bloom is constant.

Such is the wisdom of flowers. They always turn toward the sun.

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Mitzi Campbell

Mitzi is a fine art photographer, an adjunct professor of English and a writer. She has great passion for flower photography, education and healthy living. She is happily imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. She has been touched by a guru, and blessed by a nun, both spontaneously and for no apparent reason. She’s eaten mac & cheese atop the Eiffel Tower, she is unbeaten at Scrabble and she knits. She loves champagne, brand new socks and being lost on the back of a vintage motorcycle on a backroad. She hates the labels “false starts, mistakes and failures” and thinks, instead, in terms of universal opportunities for growth. You can watch her work grow at and