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Tonight's Full Moon In Libra Is Also A Special Supermoon

The AstroTwins
By The AstroTwins
Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the AstroTwins, are professional astrologers based out of New York and Seattle. Their work has been featured in The New York Times, Elle Magazine, Vogue and Good Morning America and they are the authors AstroStyle, Love Zodiac, Shoestrology, and Momstrology.
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March 27, 2021
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Peace, love, and serenity are the order of the day on March 28, as the 2021 Libra full moon shines overhead (at 2:48 p.m. EDT). This second full "supermoon" of the year is also a pink moon.

The harmonious zodiac sign Libra counts among its ranks John Lennon, Alfred Nobel (of the Nobel Peace Prize), and Gandhi, whose advice to "be the change you wish to see in the world" will feel like the answer to so many questions under this lunar light. 

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With the 2021 Libra full moon shining its balancing beams into a world that feels completely out of order, can we restore equilibrium to the planet?

Libra is the zodiac sign of balance and partnerships, and this full worm moon can help light the way! Named for the time when worms come through the soil, this lunar lift is a fertile time for enjoying the fruits of relationships—and harvesting win-wins.

While Libra is primarily a peace-loving sign, there's no glossing over the issues this year. The 2021 Libra full moon arrives directly opposite harmonizing Venus and wounded healer Chiron, both in Aries, the sign of the warrior.

Don't be surprised if some long-standing issues rise to the surface this weekend. The trick is to lead with love, remembering that at the end of the day, you are actually still sitting on the same side of the table. How can you create a compromise that also feels like it has everyone's best interests at heart? Structured Saturn will trine this full moon, helping everyone act like an adult, even when anxiety or hurt feelings rise up.

Here are six ways to embrace the power of "we" with the collaborative energy of the 2021 Libra full moon:


Join a justice league.

The scales of justice are the Libra motif, and this full moon shines a bright beam on bias, discrimination, or anything that's just plain unfair. Speak out and contribute to a social cause.

Would you like to see your work culture be more inclusive? Are animals being mistreated in your area? Channel the Libra energy of the "peaceful warrior" and do something to help right the wrong. Whether you're donating time or money doesn't matter. A social media campaign can raise awareness and inspire others who do have means to put some funds behind an important initiative.


Define your relationships.

Are you in or are you out? Libra marks the halfway point around the zodiac wheel, the turning point where the astrological energy shifts from "me" to "we."

Near the 2021 Libra full moon, you may feel dissatisfied by relationships that aren't reflecting your values, whether they're dating situations or professional collaborations.

Start hashing it out: Can you align on the things that are most important to you—or are your outlooks just too different? If you're paired up on a project, what is each person's respective role and how will you share the profits and glory?

You might need to reconfigure the workload to accommodate for social distancing and other changing circumstances, such as work-from-home mandates. Fortunately, Libra is the zodiac's diplomat, and this full moon will lend a hand in keeping negotiations peaceful. What would the ideal win-win look like to each of you? Talk through different scenarios. Then, put it in writing!

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Attract your opposite at the 2021 Libra full moon.

Still searching for your "missing puzzle piece"? While common ground is a beautiful bonding agent, try beaming your searchlight a little further near this supermoon.

Libra, the great balancer, knows that opposites attract. Complementary skill sets can make for a total dream team, even if your head-scratching matchup makes little sense on paper. In truth, unlikely pairings can be the greatest win-win combinations.

If you're stuck in a rut, don’t autopilot into dialing a BFF or your "work wife" for an assist. Step outside of your comfort zone instead! It may be far more productive (not to mention inspiring) to reach out to someone new—especially if they've conquered the very dragon you're trying to slay. Artistes, team up with the engineers; mathematicians, seek someone who understands the metaphysical realm. Your powerful pairing could deliver the best of both worlds!


Wear your heart—and your art—on your sleeve.

Luxe-loving Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of beauty, fashion, and the arts. Image may not be everything, but Libra knows the powerful impact great style can have. Let the 2021 Libra full moon teach you how to speak a strong visual language.

Have you always wanted to dye your hair lilac or try a platinum bob? Or maybe get a tiny tattoo on your ankle (or a full-on sleeve of your favorite tarot card on your forearm)? Play with apps that let you virtually makeover your hairstyle. Start following tattoo and makeup artists on Instagram for inspiration, and make an appointment when you feel that intuitive click.

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Practice peaceful communication.

As our old-school Uncle Sami once said, tapping his fork on the rim of his plate for emphasis, "If you can't fight with someone, you can't love them." Meaning sometimes, you've gotta shout it out to reach compromise. But what's the difference between hotheaded screaming and productive conflict resolution?

We believe it's the intention behind your "fight." If both parties, in their hearts, truly want to reach a win-win solution, then all the fighting words will come out in the wash. But if you're digging in your heels just to win a power struggle, there will be no peace. As Libra Gandhi said, "Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress." (He also warned us that "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." You can still respect the other person's right to their principles, even if you disagree with them.

If you find yourself locking horns with loved ones regularly, the 2021 Libra full moon is the time to learn the fine art of anger management.

Learning to disagree without disrespecting the other party is a lost art form in this age of Twitter wars. But sometimes, even the most diplomatic and well-crafted reaction only opens Pandora's box and further inflames the conflict. Rise above a power struggle and search for common ground. That may be the path to peace during this supermoon.


Strive for balance.

As above, so below; as within, so without. At the 2021 Libra full moon, check your habits, your home, your diet. Where has balance gone awry?

At home: Has your once-calm oasis turned into a noisy, cluttered hub? Tear a page from organizational savant (and—surprise, surprise—Libra) Marie Kondo's tidying bible and bring some serenity back to your sanctuary. By now, it's a ubiquitous notion to release things that no longer "spark joy." Whether you want to do a full-on minimalist purge or just tackle one communal area, let the Libra full moon get your cleanup mission in motion. But don't forget the aesthetic element—yes, even when it comes to organizing closets and drawers.

Beyond decluttering, our Home Reset course will help you realign your home for maximum manifestation! Learn how to pull in prosperity through your kitchen and entryway, how best to set up your bedroom for relationships and peaceful slumber. You can even change the vibe of your home via address numerology, and we teach you all of that in this course.

And at work: Many of us function on stress and adrenaline at our jobs. Where can you be more awake, conscious, and calm around your finances and work? Libra also rules the lower back, so if you need more spinal support (and many of us do), look into standing desk options, or just make your own.

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The AstroTwins
The AstroTwins

Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the AstroTwins, are professional astrologers based out of New York and Seattle. Their work has been featured in The New York Times, Elle, Vogue, and Good Morning America. They have been dubbed “astrologers to the stars” after reading for notable celebrities, including Beyoncé, Emma Roberts and Stevie Wonder. The AstroTwins have collaborated with Nordstrom, Kate Spade and Urban Outfitters, among other major brands. They have authored four print books: AstroStyle, Love Zodiac, Shoestrology, and Momstrology, and have a growing collection of ebooks, including their popular annual horoscope guides.

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