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I Believe The Law Of Attraction Is BS: Here's How I Manifested Everything I've Ever Wanted

Panache Desai
May 10, 2017
Panache Desai
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May 10, 2017

I've always thought the Law of Attraction had a flawed premise: It seems to perpetuate the idea that positive thinking is enough to get you where you want to be. I’ve met so many positive-thinking vision-board fiends who are still trapped in debt or unable to reach their goals.

And no, that doesn't mean I think the Law of Attraction is entirely without merit. It's just the idea that thoughts alone can manifest your dreams—that's what I take issue with. The truth is, you’re not going to change your life and manifest limitless abundance simply by practicing positive thinking.

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There IS a way to make the Law of Attraction work for you—it just isn't what you think. When I first started teaching people how to uncover their true selves, all I had was a boombox and a message. Over time, momentum grew. I got an appearance on Oprah and invitations to speak at all kinds of events. But none of this happened because I practiced positive thinking. It happened because I did the energetic work to allow abundance and recognition to flow into my life.

I’m sure you’re wondering what that means, and I’m going to tell you. But first, I’ll tell you a different version of the story. I could’ve held on to the energy of playing small. It would’ve been easy to coast through life with my boombox thinking I was just an average man with no connections or opportunities to realize my dreams of reaching more people.

Choosing to conquer limiting energies isn’t easy. It requires stepping out of your comfort zone and asking questions with answers you won’t always like. But it’s worth it if you truly want to grow as a person and free yourself from the fear and scarcity.

Here's the key to it all: Life can only give you what you're prepared to receive.

If underneath all of the mantras, vision boards, and tapping rituals you’re still holding on to emotional weight, you’re trying to fill a space that’s already full. Energetic density results from the buildup of repressed emotions, experiences, and pain that you haven't fully experienced or processed. That density blocks your energy from embodying the potential you could have.

When you clear away the density, your energy shifts. Through forgiveness and letting go of victimhood, you can access empowerment.

An empowered individual takes responsibility for their own reality and circumstances. There are no excuses. There’s only following through with the consistent action required to transcend your current life and move into a better one.

Thoughts don't create things.

If you feel unworthy, you aren't aligned with the energy of growth and abundance that you want to receive. Unworthiness shows up in sneaky ways. You might not consciously believe that you’re unworthy of love, money, or a fulfilling career, but your subconscious beliefs and vibrational density have power over your reality, too. If you’re not attracting what you consciously want, you have inner work to do.

Shame, fear, and scarcity are self-perpetuating energies. They create what feels like a never-ending cycle of struggle. Contentment, peace, and purpose are elevated vibrational states that draw opportunities toward you.

Bottom line: If you can’t match the vibration of what you want, you can't have it.

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How do you change your energy?

Give yourself permission to feel whatever arises. Stop trying to hide from your fear and sadness. Let yourself remember what created your vibrational burden. Bring it into the light of your consciousness so you can truly let it go.

The irony of this whole thing is that when you realize you already have everything you need within you, your desires for fame, money, the perfect relationship, whatever it is all fall away. You discover that the treasure you’ve been seeking can’t be conceptualized because it’s a way of being.

When you deepen your connection to the truth and authentically open your heart, everything you ever wanted will flood in. Materialism ceases to be the point. Your primary objective shifts in ways that cannot be foretold. You are here to share something meaningful, and when you align with that purpose, the universe grants you the tools necessary to help you share your gift.

What we seek and hope to find is too big for a vision board. Let your energy expand and guide you toward the true satisfaction your soul seeks.

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Panache Desai
Panache Desai

Panache Desai is a contemporary thought leader and author whose message of love and acceptance has drawn thousands of people from around the world to his seminars and workshops. Not aligned with any religious or spiritual tradition, he empowers people to free
themselves from pain, suffering, sadness, and self-limiting beliefs.

Panache moved to America in 2001 and during his travels he met many spiritual teachers and leaders. After appearing on OWN’s Super Soul Sunday and being urged by Oprah Winfrey to write a book, Panache took the next step towards his goal to impact
the world. In May 2014, he published his first book, Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33-Day Path to Purpose, Passion, and Joy (Random House/Spiegel & Grau). Here Desai calls upon us to harness the power of our authentic selves through our unique soul signature — our spiritual DNA — and be guided by our true purpose.

A highly sought-after speaker, Panache is on the faculty of the Omega Institute and the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health. He has addressed the United Nations Enlightenment Society, and in Spring 2014 he was a featured speaker at The Third Metric Conferences, hosted by Arianna Huffington and Mika Brzezinski.

When he is not traveling the world for speaking engagements, Panache enjoys pop culture; music, fashion, art, and film. He currently resides in Florida with his wife and twin daughters.