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Is Spiritual Telepathy The New Manifestation?

Colleen Mauro
March 31, 2016
Colleen Mauro
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March 31, 2016

Many years ago, after a long career in alternative magazine publishing, I suddenly found myself unemployed. Until then, my career path had been crystal clear; over the years, I had worked my way up the publishing ladder, learning both the business and editorial aspects of magazine publishing. At that point, I had already worked for all the magazines I liked and was feeling pretty uninspired about my next career move.

My Moment of Awakening

My days were spent talking to editors, researching new magazines, and worrying about my dwindling bank account. One morning, I woke up and decided that I needed a mental health day; I would treat myself to one worry-free day outdoors and work in my backyard garden.

As I was puttering around my garden, I had an interesting intuitive experience. A thought—The Center for Applied Intuition—suddenly flashed through my mind. In the past, I had always accessed intuition through feelings or physical sensations. This was a different kind of experience: The words seemed to have been dropped directly into my brain.

I immediately knew it wasn’t my thought, and it certainly made no logical sense. I knew about the Center and had met Bill Kautz, the founder. I knew he sponsored intuition development trainings and conferences, but I couldn’t imagine why I would go there to look for a magazine job.

I mulled it over for a few days and then called Bill to ask for information about the Center’s activities. A few days later a large manila envelope arrived. Inside, there were several brochures and a simple, typewritten journal called Applied Psi, the quarterly publication Bill sent to the Center’s 200 members.

The journal, devoted to the development of intuition and creativity was fascinating. As I flipped through the pages, I suddenly had an idea: With a different format and a new name, this could be a real magazine—one that would appeal to an audience far beyond the Center’s small membership.

How It Changed My Life

I called Bill and made an appointment to speak with him the following week. When I arrived at the Center, I explained my idea. Bill immediately lit up and told me he had always dreamed of turning Applied Psi into a real magazine, but the right person had never come along.

I went home and banged out a proposal, came back the next day, and Intuition: A Magazine for the Higher Potential of the Mind was born. I published two issues before Bill closed the Center and signed the rights over to me. I later received a grant to set up an office and hire a staff. During the years, I published the magazine, and the circulation steadily grew, eventually reaching a readership of over 60,000.

Through articles and magazine-sponsored trainings, we taught people to develop their basic intuitive skills—to listen to their gut feelings and to honor the “still, small voice” within. I was amazed by the steady stream of intuition books that crossed my desk. Intuition had become a household word and a part of daily life for a wide range of people—from businesspeople to politicians to police detectives.

After I folded the magazine, I began to study the Ageless Wisdom—also called the esoteric or mystery teachings—and was immediately intrigued by the teaching on spiritual telepathy. This higher form of intuitive perception puts us in direct contact with our souls. I realized then that this was the next step—a more advanced level of the work I did with the magazine.

Our personal intuition provides us with guidance about our work, our relationships, and so much more. The soul knows our higher purpose; it is our divine partner, our purest and most reliable source of direction and guidance.

Communication from the soul is always telepathic. We don’t audibly hear the information; it is dropped into our brains and formulated into thought. I finally had a name for the experience I’d had in my garden so many years before—the experience that had changed my life.

I knew that it was possible to receive spontaneous guidance from the soul. But, as I’ve learned, we can also build a direct line of communication to the soul, which allows us to ask for and receive higher guidance at will.

Connecting to Your Own Potential for Spiritual Telepathy

Many meditation practices focus only on quieting the mind; with this type of meditation, we go a step further and actively train ourselves to transmit information from the soul to the brain.

In the same way that our homes are wired for telephone and Internet connection, this type of meditation allows us to create a direct pipeline to the soul. As we project our attention upward to the soul, day after day, we anchor small threads of energy that will eventually form a bridge of communication between the brain and the soul.

Try this basic form of creative meditation to build your bridge to the soul. Remember that persistence and regularity are the keys to success. It’s better to meditate 10 minutes per day than an hour once a week. Morning is always the best time, before your mind becomes engaged with the tasks of the day.

1. Give yourself 10 to 15 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time.

Calm yourself by closing your eyes and following your breath, in and out, for a count of 10.

2. When you are ready, use your creative imagination to lift your consciousness to a focal point outside and above your head.

See this as the rational mind, now still and receptive. Project a line of light upward to the soul center, 6 inches above your head. See it as a brilliant sun, a radiant source of energy.

3. Visualize this line of light reaching even higher, toward the higher, or intuitive, mind.

Take a moment to hold this lighted alignment. Pause for a moment as you experience the light and energy of your soul. Then, holding the mind steady in the light, ask a question and listen inwardly for the voice of your soul.

4. Write down any information you receive.

Be aware that your answer may come in words, in a dream, or an intuition that leads you to pick up a book, explore a particular group or organization, research a new field, or reach out to a friend or colleague.

5. To end your meditation, silently sound the Om and visualize a pure white light pouring down from your soul, illuminating your mind, calming your emotions, and invigorating your physical body.

Send out this incoming light and love to your family and friends, and all those in need of healing.

As you do this, day after day, your connection to your soul will become stronger and stronger. You’ll have a divine GPS system to guide your life, and a ready source of wisdom you can tap at will.

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This material was adapted from Spiritual Telepathy: Ancient Techniques to Access the Wisdom of Your Souland used with the permission of Quest Books. © 2015 by Colleen Mauro. The meditation was adapted and used with the permission of Lucis Trust.
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Colleen Mauro

A lifelong interest in the untapped powers of the mind led to Colleen Mauro to launch Intuition: A Magazine for the Higher Potential of the Mind in 1988. Her thirty years of experience in magazine publishing includes work as a publisher, editor, advertising director, and circulation and marketing consultant. Intuition explored the higher potential of the mind and the many and varied ways of knowing—intuition, inspiration and telepathy—providing both research and how-to information in easy-to-read form for the general reader.