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What To Do If You Think You Have A Spiritual Gift

Bethany Londyn
June 22, 2017
Bethany Londyn
By Bethany Londyn
mbg Contributor
Bethany Londyn is an intuitive coach and the author of "Get Aligned Now."
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June 22, 2017

Becoming aware of your relationship to the spirit realm—the universe, God, guides, your higher self—is the first step. Once you are open to this connection, you can utilize it to find the peace, love, and freedom of a more fulfilling life.

You can ask them for guidance on pretty much anything. Maybe it's how to deal with a boss or how to effectively communicate with your boyfriend. Whatever your questions may be, from dilemmas to dreams, the methods below can help you ask them. The first step is identifying where your spiritual connection is coming through, which I walked through in this article. Then, tailor your communication style using the steps below, and have fun practicing!

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If you answered "dreams"

So you are a dreamer, eh? Let's utilize those dreams to find out what's possible for you. Before you go to sleep, think of a question you would like support on, or envision the life you would like to lead. Then, see what happens while you sleep, and write down what you remember when you wake up.

If you answered "visions"

Spend some time in a meditative state. Sit down with a straight spine and ask a question, envisioning the purest light of the universe coming through your crown chakra and flowing out of your third eye.

Wait for your mind's eye to receive a vision message. You may feel like you're just making it up at first, but don't fight it. Whatever you imagine is worth jotting down. This is a faith-based process, an access point into your subconscious, so you must start by trusting it all.

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If you answered "nightmares" or "bathroom habit"

Wake up and find a calm place in your home (preferably not on your bed, because you might fall back asleep!). Simply sit in silence and quietly say, "I'm ready for the message you have for me that is of the light and truth." Then close your eyes and wait. You might have a vision, hear something, or even feel the message in your gut or heart. Do not fret if you don't receive anything—it takes practice and patience. It took me over a year to really get into a regular flow of receiving.

If you answered "intuition" or "empathetic"

OK, so you're already hearing things or feeling messages popping up in your mind. First and foremost, acknowledge them. Then you can ask more follow-up questions to dig deeper and see what pops up.

Speaking from personal experience, though, you should always be mindful of where you are when you ask for this guidance. In the event you are mid-conversation with someone, it might be better to hold off or you might come across as aloof. I've been told this a few times. Once, my friend told me it was like there was a thought bubble with a message being typed out and delivered above my head.

If you're not sure, or you're a mix of all of them

Lastly, there is always trusted prayer and meditation. Typically when meditating, people try to stay silent or recite a mantra, but we're going to do things a little differently. This is generally what I do to tap into my client's energy before a session or tune into what I need to be doing that day. Simply ask a question, and then use the meditation as an opportunity to wait for answers. At this point I receive answers almost instantly, although it often used to take me 10 minutes or more.

Sometimes the messages are easy, such as, "Bring joy to everyone you see and focus on smiling at strangers today." Other times, the guidance is much more detailed. No matter what, it's always beautifully divine.

Remember, always search for guidance from the highest and purest light, and be in complete gratitude for the information you receive.

Pinpoint your brand of intuition with this psychic-approved primer, and learn more about your spiritual guidance squad here.

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