How To Connect To & Trust Your Intuition In A Time Of Crisis

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Tanya Carroll Richardson is an author and professional intuitive, giving readings to clients all over the world.
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During challenging times, your intuition can be heightened to give you extra support. The problem is, when you're dealing with a crisis, it's also natural to feel scattered and emotional. This can make you distrust your intuition or make it harder to discern what's helpful intuitive guidance from toxic fear or wishful thinking. Here are some tips for confidently connecting with and relying on your intuition to help you navigate a tough situation:

1. Stay in the present moment.

You may get intuitive flashes of things happening months down the line—like a vision that pops into your head while you're cleaning the kitchen that you and an estranged sibling will be smiling and hugging at some point in the future. These far-off-in-the-future intuitive hits can be very inspiring. Yet you work through a crisis step by step, so you and your intuition should be mainly concerned about day-to-day solutions that lead you to a larger future goal.


2. Connect with your intuition in the days, hours, or moments when you're not feeling overwhelmed emotionally.

When people are dealing with major challenges, they will often say, "I have good days and bad days." You might even have a good morning and then a more challenging afternoon. Connect with your sixth sense, which can speak to you through any of the four clairs or main psychic pathways, when you are feeling calmer. It's normal to have times of emotional intensity during a crisis, but those emotions can take up a lot of space in your system. Your intuition guides you best when you make room for it.

3. Get a second opinion on your own intuition.

You might ask a wise, grounded friend for their take on a situation or seek out a professional intuitive, like me. If you're using your intuition to help you navigate a financial or health crisis, be sure to also get a second opinion from experts like health care professionals and financial planners. Some of your intuitive hits come from your own higher self, but they can come from your interactions with other people as well.

4. Watch for synchronicities.

This is how you can get a second opinion from the Universe! Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences that could show up as a book recommendation from a friend, a message on a billboard, or even an overheard conversation at the grocery store. For example, if you feel like forgiveness might improve your relationship with your partner and the next day your favorite spiritual teacher writes a blog about forgiveness, it may be a synchronicity.

But how do you know if something is a synchronicity or just wishful thinking? Pay attention to how you feel. Does time seem to slow down or do you get chills, letting you know this is a powerful or important moment? Synchronicities will often play back in your mind for days afterward, too.


5. Consult your head, heart, and past experiences.

Intuition is an amazing tool, but it's one of many at your disposal. Don't use your sixth sense as a way to bypass the wisdom of your emotional heart, logical head, and even your past experiences. As I write about in my book Angel Intuition, you need to find a way to reconcile them all for the best results.

6. Remember that intuitive hits will often catch your blindside.

Don't discount a notion just because it seems to arrive from out of left field. That can be where the most powerful intuitive guidance comes from.


7. Make a game plan, yet stay flexible.

Life is always unfolding in an organic way, yet during a crisis things are often changing or evolving even quicker than usual. If intuition helps you form a game plan, that can be very valuable, but you need to stay open to revising it on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. There will always be x-factors in the larger world that you can't control. Let your intuition course-correct in the moment.

8. Stay centered with good self-care.

Your mystical intuition works best when your earthly needs are being met and prioritized. Control what's in your control, and surrender what you can't. When possible, get enough sleep, gentle exercise, and good food. Minimize unnecessary drama and seek out emotional support.


An exercise for connecting to your intuition whenever you need it:

  1. Pick an activity that's engaging yet relaxing: Do a yoga flow, organize a drawer, soak in the tub while listening to a podcast, or work on a creative project that's just for fun. 
  2. Before you begin, set the intention to connect with your intuition. Then allow yourself to get lost in the activity and your mind to quiet.
  3. When your mind wanders to practical issues related to the challenge you're facing, notice any breakthrough or out-of-the-box ideas that come into your mind fully formed, like a download from your intuition.

An exercise for increasing synchronicities during hard times:

  1. Start a journal entry and address it to your higher self, the Universe, your spiritual guidance squad, or your angels.
  2. Write a few sentences about something you're grateful for—it could be tiny like your morning cup of tea or something big like a recent financial windfall.
  3. Ask for some signs or synchronicities to show up this week regarding ways you can navigate this crisis.
  4. Watch for signs or synchronicities over the coming days. They could appear as a song on the radio, sage advice from a colleague, or any other meaningful coincidence. 

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