9 Ways To 'Spring Clean' Your Energy

Written by Tanya Carroll Richardson
Tanya Carroll Richardson is a professional intuitive and spiritual author who is passionate about angels, beauty, and nature. She has been in the NYC publishing world as a writer and editor for over 15 years.

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Spring cleaning season is upon us! In the coming weeks, mbg will be sharing some of the easiest, most effective tips and tricks we've heard for nixing germs at home. (Check out what we've run so far here.) Today, we consulted a professional intuitive on the best ways to go beyond cleaning your house and spruce up your spiritual energy this year.

As spring takes over the northern hemisphere, it's a great time to clean out and clear away spaces you frequent, like your home, office, and car. But what about tidying up your energy? That can get stagnant and cluttered too!

Here are some suggestions for refreshing your energy body—that part of you that you cannot necessarily see but you and others can often feel—just in time to watch the flowers bloom.

1. Tidy up your physical space and make sure it looks clean, beautiful, and inviting.

Ever notice how you feel more peaceful, light, or optimistic when you enter a beautiful and orderly room? Making your surroundings pleasing and cozy can have a dramatic effect on your mood. Many of the clients I see as an intuitive are highly sensitive and empathic. Since these sensitive folks tend to react more to their surroundings, getting rid of things they don't like, fixing what is broken, or splurging on something beautiful like fresh flowers is a great way to lighten energy.

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2. Sit at an outdoor café with a friend and make each other laugh.

Spring encourages us to get back outside after spending lots of time indoors. Embrace the playfulness that starts to overtake your energy as spring blossoms. Get together with friends and catch each other up on the heavy, serious stuff, but don't forget to laugh and be playful too.

3. Spring clean your thoughts.

If you often get stuck in a loop of pessimistic thought patterns, blow the cobwebs off your brain and swap out some of these pointlessly upsetting thoughts with a mantra, like, "Somehow, some way, things are always working out for me." Or "I'm going to look on the bright side today." Read uplifting books that teach you more about energy, like my latest, Angel Intuition, or follow feel-good stories in the news that restore your faith in humanity. Email a friend and ask them what was the best thing that happened to them this week. Soon your energy will likely feel more hopeful and happy.

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4. Put on some good-vibe tunes.

Create a spring playlist that makes you feel adventurous, carefree, empowered, or joyful. Maybe the pop or classic rock you grew up on or a new song that came out last month and always puts a smile on your face and a spring in your step when you hear it on the radio. Music powerfully influences our energy.

5. Do an energy clearing once a week of your physical space.

This is a great practice to get into after you physically tidy up your home. You can use sage or incense, a bell, or aromatherapy spray. Walking around your physical space, use the smoke, sound, or smell to clear the energy. Tune in as you wander around your home. If the energy feels heavier in a certain heavily used spot, like over your desk or bed, or if the energy feels stagnant in a rarely used spot, like a corner or closet, spend a few minutes waving the sage or spritzing the aroma therapy spray or ringing the bell in that area. Concentrate with a mantra as you go, like "I'm calling in fresh energy to this area" or "love and peace live in this house." Notice how much happier, lighter, or more relaxed your energy feels after this clearing.

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6. Keep up with a healthy routine.

Reaffirming your commitment to healthy practices with the new season can help you feel more grounded and keep your energy even, stronger, and more serene. Get to bed early and get enough sleep every night. Take a yoga class once a week. Make dates with friends on the weekend. The more you get in a healthy groove this spring, the more your energy has a solid foundation from which to soar.

Spring is a natural time of birth and new beginnings. Imagine birthing a new side of yourself.

7. Do something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Is there a side hustle you have been fantasizing about but your confidence isn't quite there yet? Maybe there's an improv class calling your name or a trip outside of the country you have always wanted to take. Often the dreams closest to our hearts exist outside of our comfort zones. Looking back on my own life, the most pivotal experiences were ones I wasn't sure whether or how I could pull off beforehand. Take a healthy risk this spring toward one of your dreams. Spring is a natural time of birth and new beginnings. Imagine birthing a new side of yourself.

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8. Spend time in nature.

Nature has an amazing capacity to clear your personal energy. This is why people feel so calm and centered after walking through a local park or sitting by a stream. If you live in a city and cannot get to nature every day, invest in some succulents or houseplants—a little greenery goes a long way! Nature encourages our energy to come back into balance. When we feel balanced, it's easier to put challenging situations we're going through into perspective.

9. Let go of something from the past by forgiving yourself.

Did something immediately come to mind when you read that sentence? Is there something you are still judging or shaming yourself for, even though you have done all you can to damage control things and learned many important lessons? Maybe the next lesson you need to learn regarding this situation is forgiving yourself.

Make a ritual out of it—grab your journal and pour your heart out over this situation. Write down all your regrets and how you have changed for the better from this experience. Then rip the paper up into teeny-tiny pieces and bury it outside somewhere safe and private. This might involve going to a park or just into your backyard and placing the tiny pieces of paper under a rock or digging an inch or two into the soil with your fingers and placing the papers there. Resolve to move on in a powerful way after this symbolic ritual.

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