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How The Full Moon Will Affect You Based On Your Sign, From Astrologers

mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer By Sarah Regan
mbg Spirituality & Relationships Writer
Sarah Regan is a Spirituality & Relationships Writer, and a registered yoga instructor. She received her bachelor's in broadcasting and mass communication from SUNY Oswego, and lives in Buffalo, New York.
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Not only is there a doozy of a full moon coming on May 26, but it's also a lunar eclipse and the largest supermoon of 2021. This is a significant astrological event, and like any cosmic happening, it's going to affect people differently depending on their sign. Here, the AstroTwins share their take on what each sign can expect.


This lunar eclipse is in Sagittarius, and for Aries, it's going to power up your visionary ninth house. It might feel like luck is on your side this week as you're left inspired to take action.

This is a good time for you to "step off the sidelines and leap beyond your safety zone," the twins say, noting that an entrepreneurial venture or media project could take off. "A long-distance connection that's been simmering could heat up over the coming two weeks," they add, "so make your move."



According to the twins, the full moon eclipse is going to have Taurus folks feeling super passionate, as it lights up their erotic eighth house. "Your urge to merge may be irresistible, and luckily, your seductive powers are finely tuned," they add. Just be sure to be intentional with your choices. Align them with your heart, and honor your own needs.


Geminis can expect this eclipse to fire up their seventh house of partnerships, "continuing a two-year cycle of eclipses to hit the Sagittarius-Gemini axis and bring major shifts to your personal passions and love life," the twins explain. Over the next few weeks, you could reach a relationship milestone or even come to a business deal, but one thing's for sure: This is a good time to go ahead and have those important conversations.


Did somebody say wellness? This eclipse is going to leave Cancer feeling health-conscious, as it sparks their sixth house of healthy living. "This is the start of a fresh cycle," the twins note, "and the lunar eclipse can lay a foundation for a super-fit summer." Commit to the exercises you love most, and nourish yourself with nutritious meals, the twins recommend.



Heads up Leo, love might be on your horizon. The twins explain that the second lunar full moon eclipse of a two-year series will be landing in your lovey-dovey fifth house. "Leos who are looking could meet a promising prospect or feel a surge of motivation to tap the dating apps," they note. Alternatively, if you're ready to exit an unfulfilling union, this eclipse will definitely speed that along, they add.


Time to get domestic, Virgo. The eclipse is going to activate your nurturing and domestic fourth house, bringing with it implications of change on the (literal) homefront. The twins suggest taking stock of any changes you've already made within the past year and checking in on how they're working out.

In addition to that, you may feel especially empathetic Wednesday, the twins say, noting to "shield your field, Virgo."



Hope you're ready for some socializing, Libra, because this eclipse in Sagittarius is going to light up your third house of communication and community. The twins note that this time could bring you a new partnership, whether with a friend or co-worker. "If you've been in talks for a while," they add, "you could finally agree on terms over the next two to four weeks, the 'manifesting period' of this moon."


You've been working hard Scorpio, and this eclipse might just be the help you need to finally get your ROI, as it lands in your money house (continuing the two-year series of eclipses striking your financial axis). According to the twins, you may even discover some previously hidden opportunities. "Get clear about the pay you deserve—or figure out what skills you need to sharpen to command a better rate," the twins note.



Sagittarius, this is a big moment for you! Not only is this the only full moon in Sagittarius for the year, but it's also the third out of four eclipses in Sag between June 2020 and December 2021, the twins note. If you've been focusing on your growth, you may see some big leaps in the coming weeks. Remember to watch out for opportunities, the twins add, as things can change fast.


Feeling spiritual, Capricorn? This full moon eclipse lands in your spiritually introspective 12th house, the twins explain, making it an excellent time to go within. "Do what your sign does best: Listen to your own highest wisdom and follow it wherever it leads you," they say. But remember, you don't have to totally go it alone. The twins say it's OK (and worthwhile) to ask for help, whether from a therapist, a healer, or a friend.


Aquarius, it's time to get collaborative. This eclipse is lighting up your 11th house, which is all about friendship and how you're received by society. Over the next couple of weeks, the twins say you could get more involved in politics, activism, or community affairs. "Check any ego at the door, and unleash the team player you were born to be," they add.


Opportunities abound for you during this time, Pisces. This eclipse is landing in your 10th house of career, ambition, and success—and you can expect those themes to be very much present. You're going to feel motivated, so harness it, taking action to achieve your goals. The twins suggest dressing for the part you want to play—even if you're not fully there yet.

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