A Quiz For Finding & Owning Your Spiritual 'Goddess Element'

mbg Contributor By Emma Mildon
mbg Contributor
Emma Mildon is a millennial activist, co-host of 11:11 podcast, and best-selling author of Evolution of Goddess and The Soul Searcher's Handbook.
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The way we react to stressful situations defines who we are. Some of us can be quick to retreat, others stoic and unshakable. When you feel under attack, do you punch back, speak up, and take action? Do you retreat to contemplate your thoughts? Or do you fall somewhere in between?

Understanding these natural tendencies can be a powerful way to dial into our strengths consciousness. I love to think of these tendencies as they relate to the Goddesses that we have idolized and identified with around the world for centuries. Given that it's 2018, I think it's high time to check back in with these powerful archetypes and carry them into the modern day. Let's use them to better understand our personal energies: our contributions to the community around us.

A quick quiz to start to identify your Goddess Element.

Which best describes you?

You love to be in the company of others, often called a social butterfly. You find connection being surrounded by people and their energy, like Goddess Ilmatar, the Finnish Goddess of the Air. (Air)

You connect through emotion, stories, and experiences. You open yourself up when others open up to you, like your fellow Goddess Anuket, the Egyptian Goddess of the Nile. (Water)

You are in your element when you can connect to your intuition, exploring your dreams and contemplating the deeper meaning of life. You share a love for spirituality like Goddess Selene, the Greek goddess drawn to the Moon and heavens. (Moon)

You find purpose and connection through contribution. You are at your best when busy or leading a cause. When you lack purpose in life, you can find yourself in destructive patterns, like Goddess Sekhmet of ancient Egypt. (Sun)

You love to create and express yourself, whether it be with your hands, voice, or emotions. You have a whole Gaia, Mother, creation Goddess vibe going on. (Earth)


Which best describes you?

You are incredibly sympathetic and deeply in touch with your emotions and the energy around you. You can often seem calm on the surface, but underneath it you could be raging and moody given the wrong conditions. Like Goddess Yemoja, the African Goddess of the Ocean, you are great at comforting others who are anxious being in new waters. (Water)

Like Goddess Durga, a Hindu Goddess, you aren’t afraid to cut out what doesn’t serve you. You are down-to-earth with your emotions and great at casting out people and things that no longer serve you. (Earth)

With you, there is beauty in your chaos, like Goddess Khaos, who was thought to rule over all animals. You are innovative, inventive, intuitive, inquisitive—constantly asking questions about love and life. Your intelligence is part of your deep ability to feel out and understand experiences logically rather than emotionally. (Air)

You can get easily frustrated and short-tempered with others who are not living into their full potential. But you are also passionate and full of life. You have a bit of Medusa in you! (Sun)

You are incredibly sensitive and instinctive in your emotion and energy. You can often feel out people and environments and see the truth behind all experiences. Like Goddess Mawu of Africa, you seek out the wisdom in everything. (Moon)

Which best describes you?

You are almost snake-like, shedding skin and rejuvenating yourself like Goddess Renenutet of Egypt. You have a tendency to bounce back quickly and see the nourishment and lessons in hardships, taking life as it comes. (Earth)

You heal by purging—be it through a wave of emotion, detoxing, purifying, or simply diving into the heart of the matter. Like Goddess Gaṅgā, who was most comfortable in the river, you are happiest when you are touching water and releasing any fears. (Water).

You need to feel you can fully express yourself to completely heal, and you don’t like to leave things unsaid, like Goddess Hathor of Egypt. (Air)

You heal in cycles. You are not afraid to sit in the darkness of a situation until the time is right to release and let go fully. Like Goddess Juna, who guards the full moon and heavenly light, you always have hope for new beginnings and new cycles. (Moon)

Like Goddess Astraea of Greece, you are a true star. You know you enjoy the burn of busyness, but you also burn out from time to time. (Sun)

Which best describes you?

You are happiest when you're deeply rooted in your own space or sanctuary. Like Goddess Selu, the goddess of corn, you know when it is time to be still and time to reap the harvest. (Earth)

You are spontaneous, imaginative, energetic, and very optimistic about life and your approach to it. But be careful; underneath a fire could be brewing like the Volcano Goddess Pele. (Sun)

You operate at your best when you are free to be, do, and go wherever you please. You have a Goddess Saranya energy about you, seeking total freedom in life. No restrictions, obligations, or responsibilities. (Air)

Goddess Hina of Polynesia is always immersed in her passions, and so are you. You are in your element when you fully submerge yourself in something, be it an experience, a project, or a job. (Water)

It seems both you and Goddess Luna love a good get-together. You are happiest when in ritual or ceremony. You enjoy like-minded souls and often find yourself learning from those like you. (Moon)


Now, tally up your responses and see which archetype you most identify with:

Moon Archetype: Empowered Insight

You hold intuitive feminine energy, which often takes you from dark places of retreat into light phases of celebration. You are a deep, sensitive, emotional being, who looks for insight and intention in your experiences. You, Goddess, are highly spiritual and are in a space of higher-self evolutionary expansion.

The keys to activating the Moon Archetype’s power:

  • Be intuitive and check in on your feelings.
  • Find time and space for yourself to feel deeply.
  • Conduct spiritual ceremony and ritual.
  • Set mindful intentions.

Water Archetype: Empowered Emotion

You are currently in a place of emotional expansion. Experiences and their emotional lessons are flooding your shores, washing out old beliefs, and cleansing your soul. This can be a transformational space but can feel difficult when the tides are pushing and pulling you into a new phase of your life.

The keys to activating the Water Archetype's power:

  • Go with the flow and be receptive to change.
  • Release what is no longer serving you with ritual.
  • Chase new insights and wisdom.
  • Be a source of peace for others.

Earth Archetype: Empowered Creativity

You have a solid sense of who you are now and feel grounded in what you stand for. You are in growth mode—a space of blossoming and new ideas. Your seeds of emotions are growing; your insight and passions are coming to fruition.

The keys to activating the Earth Archetype’s powers:

  • Ground and center yourself with mantras.
  • Continue to bury old habits and behaviors.
  • Remain still and rooted—don't let others' opinions sway you.

Air Archetype: Empowered Community

You are highly connected at this time. You crave company and collective experiences. You are very much a messenger for others, so finding like-minded souls and conscious company will serve you and the world around you in this phase.

The keys to activating the Air Archetype’s power:

  • Remain witty and positive.
  • Be flexible and agile in the face of change.
  • Carry around a sense of magic and synchronicity.
  • Chase travel and freedom.
  • Visualize the life you want, often.

Sun Archetype: Empowered Action

You are working toward accomplishment and success. You are energized, motivated, and fueled to lead the change. Being able to work on a project, execute your passions, and share your emotions are important during this time of growth.

The keys to activating the Sun Archetype’s power:

  • Constantly check in with your goals.
  • Be a creative leader.
  • Use your imagination to lead others.
  • Be daring in the face of challenges.

Based on an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming book Evolution of Goddess: A Modern Girl's Guide to Activating Your Feminine Superpowers by Emma Mildon, used with permission of the author.

Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon is a millennial activist and best-selling author, aiming to provide fun spiritual wisdom...
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Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon
Emma Mildon is a millennial activist and best-selling author, aiming...
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