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Aura Readings: What They Mean & Where To Get One

Lauren Unger
mbg Contributor By Lauren Unger
mbg Contributor
Lauren Unger is a healer and spiritual guide based in Miami. As a holistic health coach, Holy Fire Reiki master, medium, and shaman, she weaves healing foods, sound, and plant medicine throughout her work. Unger's mission is to help people look within and heal their relationships with their soul.
Aura Readings: What They Mean & Where To Get One

Your aura is the distinctive energy that surrounds you. And we all have one! Each of us is made up of energy that lets off a vibration that can be both felt and seen. It's how you can instinctively know if something negative has gone down in a room as soon as you walk in or feel people creeping up behind you.

Spiritual philosophy says that we can hone and strengthen our auric field through practices like meditation, yoga, Reiki, and breathwork. Through Reiki, I help my clients by clearing out any stagnant energy that may be weighing them down. Visually I can see when a light goes on within a client during a session. Typically this is a sign that their auric field has been lit up.

Our auras are associated with different colors—some may be a myriad of colors while others may be more focused on a single shade.

And they're ever-changing. As we evolve spiritually, our auras will shift as well. While some people have the gift of being able to see aura colors, there are also ways to capture them on film.

Imagine a world where we all posted photos of our auras on dating apps instead of headshots. It might make it a whole lot easier to find what it is you truly seek. Hey, Bumble, I think we could be onto something here...

What do the aura colors mean?

Red: Vitality

People with red auras tend to be operating from the root chakra. They are generally grounded, realistic, and active. Red auras are thought to represent someone who has a really strong willpower.


Yellow: Sunshine and awakening

People with yellow auras tend to be operating from the solar plexus and sacral chakra. They are thought to be creative, playful, easygoing and optimistic. Those with yellow auras tend to be full of inspiration and have a high level of intelligence.

Green: Healing

People with green auras tend to be operating from the heart chakra. Green represents balance and growth. Those with a green aura tend to be patient and flexible in how they move through life transitions. They exude a natural healing energy but require time alone to test and recharge. A green aura is also representative of renewal and rebirth.

Blue: Peace

People with blue auras tend to operate from the throat chakra. Blue auras are representative of people who are sensitive and intuitive. The typically have a calm, cool, and collected demeanor and are caring and loving.


Indigo/Violet: Magic

People with indigo auras are operating from the third-eye chakra. Typically, they are deeply influenced by their inner knowing and are guided by the mind's eye. These people typically inspire awareness, sensibility, and integrity in others.

Pink: Dreams

People with pink auras usually operate from the crown chakra. Pink auras signal empathetic people who live more on the astral plane than the physical one and tend to dwell in a world of fantasy and magic. They are bubbly, passionate, loving, and giving by nature.


Where to go to get your aura photographed in New York, LA, and online.

New York City: Grab a photo of your aura at Magic Jewelry on Canal Street. For $20 you can have your aura captured on film and have a brief conversation to review the findings. Note: The photograph will change over the course of 21 days. The thinking here is that as you evolve, so will your aura!

Los Angeles: Check out one of Auragami's pop-up events all over the city! They'll photograph your aura and interpret its colors for you.

Online: Casey of The Spiritual Journey offers aura paintings and aura readings, both in person in San Diego and online. After doing a reading, Casey creates a beautiful, abstract canvas revealing your aura that makes for the perfect addition to any healing space or altar.

Confused about what chakras actually are? Here's your primer.

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