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Here's What Happened When I Planned My Workdays Around The Phases Of The Moon

Kara Ladd
Kara Ladd
By Kara Ladd
mbg Contributor
Kara Ladd is a spiritual health expert, meditation teacher and Founder of KL Consulting, a conscious marketing consultancy for modern, mindful brands.
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From stress-busting essential oils to confidence-boosting a.m. alerts and midday meditations, there are an overwhelming amount of wellness and spiritual hacks these days to keep you operating efficiently and effectively at work.

Earlier this year I had my first astrology session with author and astrologer Rebecca Gordon, and, to be honest, I was skeptical. Little did I know that astrology would have such a profound impact on not only my personal life but my professional life, too. Astrology helped me discover my unique strengths and how to leverage those in my career. Not to mention, it gave me insight into how to align my to-do list with the power of the cosmos—sounds crazy, but I have seen these benefits firsthand.

"Using astrology, and the moon, in particular, for your business means working with the cosmic cycles versus against them," Gordon told me. It's no lie the moon has gained some popularity this year. Just think about how many rituals it has had in its honor, like full moon releases and new moon rituals. Everyone seems to be drinking the lunar Kool-Aid, and for good reason.

After all, the first calendar that was ever created, the Roman calendar, is believed to have followed the phases of the moon. The moon moves ocean tides, so just think of what that power can do for your professional agenda if aligned accordingly.

The value of aligning your schedule to the phases of the moon.

The moon orbits the earth in 28 days, and the moon changes zodiac sign every two to 2½ days. (I like to stay up to date with Deluxe Moon app.) When the moon's sign changes, you may feel and see subtle shifts in energies, emotions, and experiences.

"The moon rules the energy patterns of each day, so when you align your days, weeks, and months to the moon sign, you will be in harmony with nature and so will your business," Gordon says.

As a freelance journalist, strategic business consultant, and blogger, every day is a different juggle of duties. So, for me, syncing my schedule with the moon has provided a loose sense of structure and overarching guidance—it's like having a boss up in the cosmos. For example, I tend to pitch editorial features on Aries moons, schedule in-person meetings on Leo moons, and take it easy on Cancer moons. I wouldn't say I'm overly strict with this kind of schedule, but it truly helps me stay organized when I'm feeling buried in to-do's.

Here are some more ways Rebecca Gordon suggests using the powerful energies of the moon to inform your work schedule.

Moon in Aries

Aries is a fire sign, meaning that this is a high-energy day filled with confidence, ideal for spearheading valuable business development work. These days are most valuable for forward-facing interactions, such as high-level meetings, pitches, or launches. It's time to get out from behind your computer, dress in a statement red color for added fashion fuel, and meet people face-to-face.

Moon in Taurus

Security is key on these days! Leverage this sign's grounding earth energy and take the time to stabilize and secure business operations and transactions. This sign also rules food and nature, so a Taurus moon is the perfect time to join your team for dinner—preferably outside. In regard to your personal schedule, take extra time in the morning or evening (even if it's only five minutes!) to re-center yourself with a quick and easy meditation or journaling session. Remember, the moon's grounding gravity is on your side.

Moon in Gemini

Your mind will be sharp and agile at this time. Pencil in ample time to write content, zip through your emails, and schedule meetings to initiate next steps. Conversations and planning will feel effortless these days, so it also may be wise to use them to negotiate proposals. A dynamic air sign, Gemini reminds us to set a few Google reminders to "breathe" in our iCals. Try to fit five to 10 of the deepest breaths you take all day in these precious moments.

Moon in Cancer

Known as a nurturing maternal sign, a cancer moon is the ideal time to slow down, journal, and focus on self-care. Perhaps work from home on these days if you can or nourish your body with a home-cooked meal. Above all, make sure to rest and refuel your mind, body, and soul. If you have more of a rigid schedule, try to take a quick work break to catch up with a family or friend. Sometimes a little rapport from the ones you love is all you need to lift your spirits and put you back on track.

Moon in Leo

These days are filled with powerful leadership and passionate energy. Schedule speeches or presentations on these days to ensure your expressive nature is well-received. This time is also fantastic to evaluate your personal image and what style best expresses your mission, values, and aesthetic. Consign clothes that no longer serve you, so you have extra money in the bank to use on things that fill your cup. On Leo days, this will feel far from a chore and more like playing dress-up in your closet.

Moon in Virgo

Today is a checklist kind of day! Your attention to detail will be in hyper-focus during a Virgo moon, so reserve it for editing the writing you did when the moon was in Gemini and focus on the more monotonous tasks at hand. For example, clean up your desktop (physically and digitally) and remove business practices that no longer serve you.

Moon in Libra

Libra asks us to listen more and develop rapport. Use these air sign days to reach out to family and friends for second opinions and to get to know your team outside of work. In other words, don't feel guilty or ashamed to step away from your desk and head out to lunch or go to happy hour. Small talk and nurturing relationships is a vital part of succeeding in the workplace.

Moon in Scorpio

It's no doubt Scorpio is an intense sign, so it's typical to feel overwhelmed on these powerfully energetic days. This water sign is characterized as magnetic and brave, so take risks and don't look back. Your communication will be smooth and direct these days—a great time to firm up financial negotiations, execute bold strategic initiatives, or challenge yourself to reach out to an inspiring peer whom you otherwise wouldn't connect with. Why not leverage those fearless feels? If you don't ask, you won't receive.

Moon in Sagittarius

A Sagittarius moon is a phenomenal time to embrace any and all international endeavors. Confirm travel plans and keep an eye out for expansive conferences, festivals, and wanderlust adventures that can catapult your business forward. Business broadcasting, publishing, and ways to share your message and mission with the world at large should be top of mind at this time.

Moon in Capricorn

This astrology sign has disciplined cardinal energy, so your work ethic will be at an all-time high. Schedule crucial meetings during this time as you'll be able to prep efficiently and deliver, even the most challenging of presentations, effectively. You'll likely spend these days hard at work, so do your best to pencil in a run or some form of exercise in the morning to get it out of the way early.

Moon in Aquarius

Organize team meetings on this day as communication, innovation, and logic will flow effortlessly. Get in sync with one another and take the time to learn about everyone's unique strengths and how they relate to the greater whole of your business. Want to schedule team building events or bonding activities? Look out for these days. If you're a solo entrepreneur, schedule a work date with a group of like-minded individuals or RSVP "yes" to that networking event invite that's sitting in your inbox right now.

Moon in Pisces

Leave plenty of white space in order to welcome creativity and introspective insight. Take extra time to meditate and/or practice yoga during these days to de-stress and keep your mind at ease. Into vision boards? Let your inner artist run wild with friends on these nights to map out your intentions, goals, and aspirations. This is your cosmic reset before the moon enters Aries again.

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Kara Ladd

Kara Ladd is a spiritual health expert, meditation teacher and Founder of KL Consulting, a conscious marketing consultancy for modern, mindful brands.

At age 24, she was diagnosed with a one-in-a-million synovial sarcoma cancer. That healing journey was one of the most powerful awakenings of her life & the conduit for helping others awaken to their why—their heartbeat and purpose. She connects with others often through her soul-centered writing, speaking, and social media focusing around soul-driven self growth that helps us embody our best selves.

When not writing or traveling, visiting wellness destinations around the world, you can typically find her at home in Brooklyn sipping coffee with her partner & plants.