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31 Affirmations That Can Transform Your Life

Silvia Mordini
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Affirmation simply works. We really can influence our bodies and feelings with techniques designed to hone the mind, like meditation.

Pick one of these each day for a month and say it to yourself all day long. Write them down, email them to yourself, and post them where you will see them every day. See for yourself that affirmations are a way for us to harness the mind's power by directing our intentions toward our best selves and our happiest lives. Love your day, love yourself, love your life!

31 Affirmations That Can Transform Your Life

1. I am ready for change.

2. I love and accept myself exactly as I am.

3. I attract amazing people.

4. I always deserve love.

5. I am grounded in acceptance.

6. Others love me easily and joyfully.

7. People are just waiting to love me, and I allow them.

8. I am radiating love.

9. I am happy in my own skin.

10. I express love to all those I meet.

11. I bathe in unconditional love.

12. Love radiates from me at all times.

13. I love myself completely.

14. Love comes to me easily and effortlessly.

15. I give and receive love easily and joyfully.

16. I create my reality.

17. I trust myself.

18. I compare myself only to my highest self.

19. I now feel loved and appreciated by my parents, my friends.

20. I express love freely.

21. As I give love, I am instantly supplied with more.

22. I radiate love to all persons and places and things.

23. I breathe in universal love.

24. I am open to receiving love.

25. I am a radiant being filled with light and love.

26. I know my wisdom guides me to the right decision.

27. I attract loving people and relationships into my life.

28. I project love to everyone I meet.

29. Happiness is a choice.

30. I love and approve of myself.

31. The past has no power over me anymore.

Silvia Mordini author page.
Silvia Mordini

Silvia Mordini is a writer, happiness coach, and internationally recognized yoga teacher. In early adulthood she was run over by a car—a life changing accident that led her to heal and transform mind, body and soul. She experienced it as “alchemy,” and went onto become a yoga teacher, studio owner, and developed the now 10 year old international Alchemy of Yoga Teacher Training program. Co-founder of Alchemy Tours, she guides yoga retreats worldwide. From her hometown of Chicago to Seattle, Silvia has been teaching happiness, global awareness, and joyful living for 20 years. She is a well-loved teacher at conferences nationwide.Silvia has devoted her life to inspiring others to be themselves through kick-ass spirituality. She leads Dharma Mentoring courses for socially conscious yogapreneurs.This program provides the mechanics to do the work of spirit and be successful at the same time.

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