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9 Traits Of Exceptionally Happy People

Jaime Pfeffer
October 24, 2014
Jaime Pfeffer
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October 24, 2014

Are you exceptionally happy? Would you like to be? Exceptionally happy people experience an extraordinary level of well-being. Their positive experiences dwarf their negative ones. They live longer, have better relationships and experience greater creativity. They also have higher incomes and productivity rates.

What does it take to be exceptionally happy? Are people who experience a consistent level of happiness just lucky or born that way? While genetics and life circumstances certainly play a role, a good deal of how much happiness we experience is up for grabs. It's here that exceptionally happy people get ahead. Here are 9 of their top traits.

1. Exceptionally happy people are spiritual.

They believe in something greater than themselves. Whether they call it God, the Universe, or something else doesn't matter; the important thing is they know and believe in something greater than themselves.

2. Exceptionally happy people practice gratitude.

They know the power of focusing on what they have, and make it a daily practice. From basics like food and water to modern-day conveniences like cellphones, they appreciate their lives and everything they have.

3. Exceptionally happy people are optimistic.

They see the glass half full. No matter what life throws their way, they look for and find opportunities and lessons for positive change.

4. They practice an extraordinary level of self-love.

Exceptionally happy people make their well-being a top priority. From daily meditation to yoga, exercise, journaling and healthy eating, these joyful beings take excellent care of themselves.

5. Exceptionally happy people understand happiness is a choice.

They're extremely responsible and don't rely on others to make them happy; they create happiness themselves by choosing to do what they love. This also includes abstaining from low energy activities like complaining, blaming or gossiping.

6. Exceptionally happy people practice forgiveness.

They know harboring resentments and ill feelings damage them. They practice compassion and forgiveness, knowing forgiveness is the key to emotional freedom.

7. They do what they love.

Exceptionally happy people don't spend time working in unfulfilling jobs. They align with their passions and do what they love, even if it means working for little at first. The money usually follows.

8. Exceptionally happy people make kindness a regular part of their lives.

Whether it's opening the door for a stranger or picking up someone's tab, the merriest people out there love helping others just for the sake of giving back.

9. Exceptionally happy people have a high level of social interaction.

They surround themselves with people who support them and bring out their best selves. They engage with a variety of people of varying ages and social status.

Try one or all of these practices of exceptionally happy people, and watch your life transform!

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Jaime Pfeffer

Jaime Pfeffer is an award-winning speaker, international teacher and coach, writer, editor and radio host. She loves helping people who are new to conscious-living and still riding the wave of emotional highs and lows to find a consistent level of joy and serenity. Her debut book, Uplift: Amazingly Powerful Secrets to Conquer Stress and Boost Happiness in 8 weeks", comes out in Spring 2015. Find her at her website, Facebook, and Twitter.