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8 Feng Shui Ways To Let Go Of The Stuff That's Holding You Back

Dana Claudat
December 9, 2013
Dana Claudat
Designer & Feng Shui Master
By Dana Claudat
Designer & Feng Shui Master
Dana Claudat is a modern Feng Shui Master and founder of The School Of Intention Feng Shui Certification Program. She holds a B.A. from Stanford University.
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December 9, 2013

I love the idea of letting go of things, but… how, actually, do you “let go” of things?

That was the conundrum I faced before I understood how much we're linked to our environment. Ancient wisdom and modern science have taught us that our environments deeply influence, and even mirror, our lives. By using some creative feng shui to lighten and brighten your life on the outside, you can drop some of the internal heaviness that's weighing you down and keeping you from “the life that is waiting.”

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Feng shui used in this way can be an awesome complement to therapy, self-development and spiritual practice. And, even on its own, it can be enlivening creatively, artistically, emotionally, and physically.

Yes, lightening up is a great thing to do!

Lighten and brighten your space, and you may find yourself shaking free of some stuff you feel is holding you back. Adding more lightness and brightness to life is extremely simple and fun. It may be disarming to learn how personally powerful it is when you try it for yourself!

Here are some of my favorite feng shui ways to lighten and brighten your space — and your life!

1. Take out the trash.

Trash, clutter, junk: it’s all physical weight in your space that you don't need. Dumping your trash will make you feel so much lighter mentally. It can even help you drop extra pounds. While I take out the trash I often catch myself thinking, "What else can I dump right now from my life that's weighing me down?”

2. Get back to basics.

Simple things can be an immense source of focus and joy. Go to bed earlier, drink more water, exercise a little every day, eat food that's good for you. Simple things are grounding. Even if you live in chaos right now, appreciating and embracing these basics will renew your life force, helping you get — and stay — grounded.

3. Have fun with color.

While we can specifically talk about the best feng shui colors for your life, your goals and your psychology, ultimately, color is fun. If you wear more color, you'll feel yourself radiating a new quality of energy. Fresh flowers are a great way to improvise and experiment with color for a week at a time at home.

4. Remember that sunshine makes things look better.

If you can’t actually sit in the sunshine, add more sunshine to your space with full-spectrum light bulbs. Try this: Turn on all of your lights at home. Do you feel the difference in your energy when they are all turned on? Do you still feel tired, lazy or crummy? Try adding some more light or lamps, especially in winter months. Open windows. Get up earlier. Spend more time outside.

5. Improve anything and everything.

Do have a less-than-awesome apartment, or a home that needs lots of renovating? It can be better if you even take the time to clean it. Hiring a pro to clean your place deeply just once will transform the space. Anything can be improved in general. Start with that premise, and you'll find your own way to lighten things up.

6. Make time to be alone.

Solitary space to recharge is where it’s at! Whether it’s a meditation pillow on your floor or a room of your own to write, paint or read, a favorite chair by a window or the porch: we all need and deserve alone time to indulge in the things that feed our mind and our soul. Time alone is not frivolous.

7. Elevate your space with art.

No matter who you are, art can make your life better. My advice: Don’t put stuff you think you should have as art on the walls of your home or office. Line your walls with objects, imagery or crafty goodies that heighten your personal experience of life. If you don’t know what art actually moves you emotionally, take yourself to a museum or an art gallery or sit down and paint or doodle. Explore. Blow up family photos at a print shop. Take pictures with your smartphone and frame them. Look at life through new lenses.

8. Think balance, rather than quick fix.

Fire and water are the elements in feng shui that make things move faster, because they are the catalysts of nature. Some people think that adding lots of fire colors to their home will bring dreams to light faster. Too much of anything — even too much action — isn't always good. Balance is what we all need. Instead of chasing quick results, move toward balance. Adding more nature to your life- plants, stones, shells- is a way to keep more balance in your space.

Once you feel lighter, pass it on! In our modern world of hyper-fast living and lots of “stuff,” helping others feel lighter is an awesome gift to give.

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Dana Claudat
Dana Claudat

Dana Claudat is a modern Feng Shui Master and founder of The School Of Intention Feng Shui Certification Program. In the last 15 years Claudat has pioneered her own approach to Feng Shui that is rooted in infinite possibility, creativity and empowerment. Rather than hope for lucky results and outcomes, she helps her clients to create them every day.

She’s a Stanford-educated art historian with more than a decade of experience in design yet her approach to space is simple. Claudat is a longtime mindbodygreen contributor and instructor (she may have had a hand in the hundreds of plants in mindbodygreen headquarters!), and her work has been featured in design and lifestyle publications around the world.

You can work with her from wherever you are in the world in her online Feng Shui Camps and through her Online Feng Shui Consultations.

You can sign up for her weekly Feng Shui Rituals, including rituals for every New and Full Moon, right here!

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