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7 Practical Steps To Making Your Wildest Dreams Come True

Jennifer Niles
May 26, 2016
Jennifer Niles
By Jennifer Niles
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Jennifer B. Niles is an author, yogi, vegan and health coach.
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May 26, 2016

If you are anything like most people, nothing in the world would make you happier than experiencing your ultimate dream come true. But also if you are anything like most people, you have always written off your unique, passionate desire as a “pipe dream."

The good news is that you no longer have to accept the status quo. I'm here to tell you that no matter what that wildest dream is, you can make it come true. It will take work and perseverance, but you can get there by committing to and following these seven practical steps:

1. Make a vision board.

A vision board is a large collage composed of pictures, quotes, or really anything that inspires you. Just go to almost any store and purchase a large piece of poster board. Then, start with a stack of magazines and begin to browse through them for pictures, quotes, or anything else that represents your dream. Cut out the images and fill up the poster board until it symbolizes your ideal future. A vision board serves as a constant visual and energetic reminder of your ultimate goal.

2. Visualize the life you want.

Now that you have completed your vision board, make sure to hang it in a room where you spend the majority of your time. Commit yourself to meditating on the pictures for at least 15 minutes per day. If your dream is to find true love, while staring at your passion-filled vision board, imagine yourself in a healthy and loving relationship with the person of your dreams. If your dream is to be your own boss, start a business-minded vision board and imagine yourself as an independent and successful professional running the show and calling the shots. Manifestation through the law of attraction only works when you are truly able to envision and feel yourself living in the future of your dreams.

3. Recite daily affirmations.

Affirmations are written positive statements about pretty much anything that you want. There are affirmations for love, money, health, career, weight loss, etc. An example of a personal affirmation might be, "I am calm and do not give in to worry or anxiety." Another example might be, "I eat the right foods and am fit and healthy." Whatever your dream may be, come up with a list of seven to ten positive statements that reflect that goal. Word the affirmations from the viewpoint that you are assuming you already believe the statements to be true. Commit yourself to repeating these affirmations out loud, once or twice a day, on a daily basis. Even if you don't exactly believe the words you are saying (because they do not represent your current reality), repeat the affirmations anyway. One day they will become true, after all. Fake it until you make it! Our words and thoughts are composed of energy and therefore contain extremely potent power to alter our reality.

4. Share your dream.

Share your dream with anyone and everyone who will listen. By taking the extra step of verbalizing ideas, dreams, and goals, you are giving them power, and therefore they have a greater chance of coming true. As you begin to release the energy out into the universe by sharing your dreams, on some level, you are essentially holding yourself accountable to seeing them to fruition. When you feel confident enough to voice your wildest dreams to other people, you are reconfirming the belief within yourself that your dreams can come true.

5. Ignore the naysayers.

Once you begin sharing the desire to fully realize your wildest dream, be prepared to face the cynics and pessimists. Everyone will have an opinion, and most will not be supportive. In fact, a lot of people will just laugh in your face like they did to me. Ignore the negative and judgmental responses! Just because someone else may have a limited mind and cannot imagine you or anyone else accomplishing such a lofty goal does not mean that it is impossible. It just means that specific person cannot comprehend the potent manifesting power that lies within the universe and all people, so how can they possibly believe that this power exists within you? Do not let anyone with a limited mind bring you down.

6. Do your research.

Research whatever it is that you are after. My dream was to move to a tropical island in the middle of nowhere, so I began researching the cost of living, business opportunities, day-to-day life according to expats who have relocated, etc. Educating yourself on the reality of your wildest dream will bring you one step closer to getting there. Research propels you forward because chances are, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn just how easy it is to accomplish your goals. Most people denounce their dreams without even looking into how to turn them into a reality. Depending on your dream, it might be way easier than you ever thought possible. Or, on the other hand, turning your dream into a reality may be way more difficult than you had imagined. Either way, at least you are preparing yourself for whatever obstacles may need to be worked around in the future. A little research goes a long way.

7. Connect with the universe.

Now that you are committed to embarking upon a journey of experimenting with the universal law of attraction, you must connect with the universe to increase your chances of success. After all, you are asking God, the universe, the divine, etc., to work in tandem with you to essentially deliver your dream come true, so where do you think the ultimate fulfillment is going to come from? From God, the universe, the divine!

Of course, you are responsible for doing the actual work to get there; in most cases, your dream won’t just appear out of thin air. But this source, whatever you like to call it, the source that connects all living things, is behind every single miracle and dream come true. Believe in, connect with, and express gratitude to your creator, and you may be shocked to see just how easy it is to manifest your wildest dreams.

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Jennifer Niles

Jennifer B. Niles is an author, yogi, vegan and health coach. Upon relocating from the United States to a tropical island of her dreams in the South Pacific a few years ago, Niles reinvented her life and began writing and authored several wellness books and cookbooks.