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6 Feng Shui Tips To Revitalize Your Home's Energy

Amanda Gibby Peters
By Amanda Gibby Peters
mbg Contributor
Amanda Gibby Peters is the voice and visionary of Simple Shui™. She’s been teaching Feng Shui techniques and tips for over a decade.
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There's a scene in the movie Mary Poppins where the children, Jane and Michael, write an advertisement describing their perfect nanny. Even though it's disregarded as foolish, torn to pieces and tossed in the fireplace by their no-nonsense father, Mary Poppins arrives magically the very next day with it in hand.

Our vibes are just as powerful as their symphony of words, eagerly orchestrating events and experiences we can't yet see to deliver us what we desire. But, instead of treating ourselves to this treat, we often stop magic in its tracks.

With a new year pirouetting in the air, how about we begin this one with a cheery disposition and unleash some wildly bold intentions? And to get the party started with your bustling intentions, here is some simple shui sure to light the way for a happy new year.

1. Tidy up.

If you feel herculean, deep clean like company is coming. However, we create just as much momentum with the basics — dust and vacuum, empty the trashes, clean out the refrigerator, and sweep around the front door. A little sprucing gives space some seriously fresh swag, and high-octane energy is gloriously contagious.

One caveat: Do not actually clean on New Year's Day; otherwise, shui says we sweep away all the good fortune intended for us in the new year.

2. Refill. Replace. Recycle.

Refill anything empty. Replace what is broken, burned out, or dead. Recycle what no longer has use or meaning to you. Everything is connected so don't underestimate the influence of little annoyances — our everyday experience has a saturated power over our energy. When we appreciate what we have by surrounding ourselves with those things we love, we carve out sacred space to grow and create a more meaningful life, bringing happiness right to the surface.

3. Move 27 things.

Any time energy sags, I recommend moving 27 things around. Distilled down to its essence, 27 is associated with manifestation and completion. And whenever we move things, no matter how slight the shift, we disrupt recycled energy patterns in our home. So, push the furniture around and dance. Swap out stale book piles with something new. Or rearrange the kitchen cupboards and drawers. Play some music while you work, and those efforts will yank wonky energy right out of its rut.

Kick this up a notch by getting rid of 27 things. And if clearing clutter feels challenging, it's a hearty clue this endeavor is sure to bring something entirely new into your reality.

4. Fill your wallet.

Abundance is a familiar New Year intention, and an easy way to prompt prosperity is beginning the year with cold hard cash in our wallet. Not only does it highlight immediate appreciation for our present blessings, this gesture invites more abundance into our lives.

5. Seize a merrymaking mood.

Open the windows before midnight to ensure it's "out with the old, in with the new" as the year expires. Make New Year's more festive and kick up the revelry with some noise to chase out any lingering negative residue from the past 12 months. Dial up this rejoicing by banging on pans, beating some drums, or lighting a few celebratory fireworks outside. Any of it delightfully hypes up the frequency of good vibes.

6. Toast the New Year.

The first words uttered at the stroke of this New Year hold our highest sentiments, so think big. A few favorites include happiness, health, wealth, prosperity and love. Nothing is more encompassing than the spark of a perfect word. Each of these words hold the necessary ingredients for magical beginnings, creating the most auspicious energy for a new year and new you.

No matter what blows your way, stay upbeat and positive all New Year's Day. It has a mighty impact on the year ahead. Throughout the day, steep yourself in happiness wherever it is and make the intention to stay wide open to magic throughout the year — this is how wishes come true. And anytime you feel the call of something new, pair your intentions with these simple suggestions — together, they will beckon the best possible things into your life.

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Amanda Gibby Peters

Amanda Gibby Peters is the creator and founder of Simple Shui. She’s been teaching Feng Shui techniques and tips for over a decade, witnessing the life transformations of her clients and readers. Amanda has been called “the Martha Stewart of Feng Shui” – and her work has been featured on Architectural Digest, Food52, My Domaine, Well Good and Amazon.

Her book Simple Shui for Every Day: 365 Ways to Feng Shui Your Life is available on Amazon.