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June 17, 2015

With schedules loosening and the sun eager to linger in the spotlight, the opportunity to try shui is ripe. But like any good thing, the energy gets sticky if we don’t set some organizing principles.

Most people like to hear that if they move their furniture, voila! Good luck will come knocking. While I’ve seen this happen, the really robust results come from the little things. When done habitually, these small changes create the biggest transformation in our lives.

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Clear space for happy conversations. Everything we own tells our story.

When I distill feng shui down to a few simple suggestions to launch good tidings, these are my tried-and-true starting points:

1. Make your bed. Every morning.

Rituals develop a splendor all their own and cultivate value out of our ordinary routines. A fundamental ritual — like making the bed — serves us well because it manicures the day for success as we transform chaos into order. And since we spend a third of our lives in bed, this endeavor deserves our daily devotion.

2. Slough off the excess.

Open space welcomes new opportunities. However, it has another delicious upside. When everyone is home lounging, open space is synonymous with giving relationships room to flourish and thrive. So, clear space for happy conversations. Everything we own tells our story. Some things better than others. Living with what you love — and with what your family loves — is what makes a house your home. By ridding our spaces of non-essential excess, we open up room for reassuring comfort and nestled joy.

3. Become aware that your words create your environment, too.

This is the simplest and most complicated place to start when we yearn for more happiness and better energy, because even something as subtle and innocuous as a word can snag our subconscious and affect how we feel. Place a high premium on your vocabulary, and watch it shape your trajectory. When we honor ourselves with good words, we fuel our ability to live a good life.

4. Harness Mother Nature.

Bring nature inside your living space as much as possible. Open your windows wide and often, and replace recycled air with a howling fresh breeze every chance you get. Buy a household plant, like an ivy or orchid. Plants naturally remove indoor toxins and purify the air we breathe.

Turn the television off, and listen to birdsong, drizzling rain, or whatever sounds naturally rustle around you. Add rocks somewhere in your home – use them as plant fillers, a door stop, or as an addition to a bathroom sink. Cultivate her presence indoors, and Mother Nature will evolve the energy into its own kind of wonderful.

5. Invite guests over and feed them.

The shui at play here is if you are abundant enough to feed many mouths, you generate a prosperous vibe and like energy attracts more like energy. So, gather some good company and break bread together while the sunset pours into the sky. There's magic in our conversations and fellowship, and it hatches full-tilt happiness in our space.

6. Appreciate the true abundance in your space.

When appreciation is ubiquitous in your home, all those who come into your space feel love. When we notice and articulate what is good in our lives, it literally blazes a trail for more abundance to find us.

Simple shui is about the words we use. The foods we eat. The entertainment in our homes. It’s about the rituals that shape our days and gradually compose the legacy of our lives. It's about a life filled with quality over quantity and living with what we LOVE.

Reclaim your house by observing beauty and order, and your home will fill with purpose. Intention. Clarity. Life imitates our homes, and with daily deposits of love everywhere, the big things we desire manifest more easily. So, when small delights begin sprouting around your rituals (because they will), give thanks. It’s a sign that more good things are on their way.

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