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40 Darn Good Reasons Why Everyone Should Meditate

Tom Cronin
Written by Tom Cronin

Between Yin or Vinyasa yoga, barre classes, pilates or dance, green smoothies, gym sessions, boot camp, or even indoor rock climbing — it can be quite a challenge to figure out what's best for your health, given the wealth of information.

Sure, all of these things are good for you — in fact, they're GREAT for you! But if you're looking for something that has the most bang for your buck, you really ought to consider giving meditation a try. Not only does a meditation practice yield an enormous amount of benefits, but it only takes a few minutes of your time. You won't have to drive anywhere and you don't need an expensive yoga outfit — meditation can happen right in the comforts of your own home.

Every day we are seeing more scientific evidence of the power of meditation. If there is only ONE thing that you do each and every day, it should definitely be meditation.

Here are just some of the many things that meditation can do to enhance your life:

1. Promotes deep levels of rest

2. Reduces anxiety

3. Enhances your immune system

4. Helps with weight loss

5. Alkalizes your body

6. Alleviates pre-menstrual symptoms

7. Lowers cholesterol levels

8. Reduces aging

9. Increases blood flow through the body

10. Reduces muscle tension

11. Regulates breath

12. Reduces headaches and migraines

13. Regulates breathing

14. Reduces high blood pressure

15. Increases energy levels

16. Improves sleep

17. Helps heal depression

18. Increases brain functioning

19. Reduces phobias and fears

20. Helps overcome PTSD

21. Cultivates attention and focus

22. Builds self-confidence

23. Improves your memory

24. Breaks addictions

25. Stabilizes emotional fluctuations

26. Increases oxytocin levels

27. Reduces adrenalin and cortisol levels

28. Helps heal diabetes

29. Increases intuition

30. Increases creativity

31. Increases adaptability

32. Enhances your will-power

33. Improves brain coherence

34. Reduces anger and rage

35. Increases sex drive

36. Improves intelligence

37. Assists in finding life purpose

38. Can lead to enlightenment

39. Promotes inner peace

40. Helps you to live in the present

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