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The 3 Crystals Every Yogi Should Have (And Exactly How To Use 'Em)

Sarah Coxon
June 1, 2017
Sarah Coxon
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June 1, 2017

Crystals embody transformation. Over time, they take on a beautiful shape in harsh conditions, under intense heat and pressure, reminding us that change is not only possible but inevitable.

So it makes sense that once I carried my crystals onto the mat, my yoga practice really took off. These gemstones have helped me unlock my potential to grow and transform. From a psychological perspective, each stone can serve as an emblem of a certain intention. Every one also has a distinct energetic personality, with frequencies that interact with the world in unique ways. There are many ways yogis can use these stones to bring about a sense of ritual and alchemy.

The crystals that I think every yogi should have in their tool kit:

1. Quartz for self-love.

Photo: Stocksy

Connected to divine love and compassion, rose quartz can help reawaken your sense of self-worth and encourage you to accept yourself just as you are. Every single one of us is lovable and worthy of giving and receiving love. Once we realize this, we can shift our internal dialogue to become more encouraging, take steps to nourish our bodies, and take the necessary action to heal our minds.

2. Aquamarine for true expression.

Aquamarine is a stone of the goddess Shakti, and it's seriously empowering. As you work with it, you may start to feel the presence of the Divine Feminine deep within you. Speaking your inner knowing with conviction and clarity may also become easier, as aquamarine strengthens the link between the energies of your heart and throat. If you feel excess anger bubbling within you, wear this stone to connect to the root cause and work through it one moment at a time.

3. Amethyst for connecting to intuition.

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This gemstone is thought to vibrate at an extremely high frequency, and it is considered the ultimate crystal for meditation. It is a highly spiritual stone, and it could help encourage you to transcend the self-destructive tendencies that are keeping you from a fulfilling life. It calls you to take responsibility for your own fate so that you are free to walk a new path.

Three ways to use your new sparkly companions on the mat:

1. Craft an energetic grid.

At the beginning of your yoga practice, feel into your intention and select your crystals based upon your deepest heart wish. Then place them around your mat. Imagine that as you’re doing this, you’re creating a grid of energy around you.

2. Place them on your heart or third eye.

You can also place them on your heart or third eye (or both!) during savasana. This is a great way to feel a strong connection to your intention and the earth. As you feel the natural stones on your skin, you may start to notice subtle pulsing vibrations of energy radiating through you.

3. Meditate with a gemstone mala.

Malas are talismans for transformation, often used during the recitation of mantras and affirmations. Working with the right gemstone mala is another fantastic way of creating more focus in your yoga and meditation practice.

These crystal grids are begging for a spot on your yoga altar, and these stones can promote happiness on and off the mat.

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Sarah Coxon

UK national Sarah Coxon is a traveling yoga teacher, entrepreneur, gemstone specialist, and founder of the luxury mala brand Magic Malas. She creates empowering jewelry that unleashes inner magic while supporting global nonprofit initiatives. You can visit her website or follow her on Instagram.