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11 Reminders To Help Highly Sensitive People Feel Happy & Whole

Corinne Dobbas
June 1, 2015
Corinne Dobbas
Dietitian+Wellness Coach
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June 1, 2015

Can you pick up on others’ energy?

Have you ever been told you take things too personally?

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Are you a constant people-pleaser?

If you can relate to any of the above, you have a sensitive side. If you can relate to all of the above, you’d be like the “old” me. The “old” me was constantly afraid to voice my truth, let others determine whether I had a good or bad day, and was in a place where I didn’t love myself enough to create healthy boundaries, professionally or personally.

While being sensitive can feel overwhelming, draining, and lonely, it doesn’t have to be that way. The following tips will help you feel peaceful, empowered, and connected. Do these simple things and your world will shift.

1. Don’t take things personally.

How other people treat you is a reflection of how they’re feeling about themselves or what’s going on in their life. It has absolutely nothing to do with you. Once you integrate that fact into your belief system, you’ll live in a much better space.

2. Use difficult people and situations as a time to shine and grow.

As much as hard situations (and people) can send you on an emotional roller coaster, remind yourself that this is where we learn some of our greatest lessons.

And the more you show up as your best self here and choose the perspective that everyone is simply trying the best they can with what they have where they are (including you), the more you’ll feel at peace.

3. Speak your truth.

Finding the courage to say how you feel and what you need can feel vulnerable and scary, but by doing so from a kind, caring, compassionate place, there’s no doubt that you will see massive shifts within your life.

4. Trust your intuition.

Deep down inside of us we know what we really want, what we really need, and how we really want to feel. But, for sensitive spirits, it’s easy to do what we think we should do.

Remove yourself from the noise, tune into the quiet space of your heart, ask that question and let your intuition guide you. Your answer is within, not outside of you. Trust it.

5. Recharge.

When you give and feel as much as you do, it’s super important to take time to recharge. You’re only able to give out as much love as you give yourself. Show yourself some love. It’s not selfish — it’s self-caring — and that’s what the Universe needs for you to be able to shine your light bright.

6. Don’t worry about disappointing.

When you’re doing something you don’t really want to do, people pick up on that energy. Just say, “No.” Because you’re really not serving anyone. Bonus: your “no” will allow you to say “yes” to the things you really want to be doing, and you’ll end up a much, much happier person.

7. Get clear on your boundaries.

We all need boundaries. When we say “yes” when we really mean “no,” when we don’t speak our truth, when we find ourselves in the endless cycle of people-pleasing, we become disconnected to our true selves, and we feel inauthentic. And when we feel disconnected, inauthentic, and powerless, our joy drains out of us. Get clear on what boundaries you need to start making in your life and set them. It’s a game-changing practice.

8. Ask for help when you need it.

We all need support, love, and compassion. Let the people in your life know what you need and don’t be afraid to go there. Opening up and being vulnerable to those key players in your life will only strengthen your connection and help you see that you’re never alone.

9. Find your tribe.

People thrive off connection. Find a coach, join a sports team, connect with a hiking club, become a member of a yoga studio, take a class, join a book club, form a mastermind group — become a part of something that lights up your soul and offers connection with other like-minded spirits. It’ll light you up inside like nothing before — you’ll start living more.

10. Do something creative.

When you tap into that creative space within you, you begin to bloom and connect with yourself in a totally different way that opens our heart, mind, spirit, and soul. Finding that creative energy — whether it's through writing, painting, knitting, or photography — allows you to express yourself authentically and be seen, which ultimately, allows us to feel happy, healthy, whole, and most importantly, we feel a part of something bigger than ourselves.

11. Show up as your authentic self.

We crave connection. If you think about it, who are you close to? Likely, the people in your life who are real, honest, and genuine. If you crave it, so do others. Show up to life fully, in the present, and with a genuine heart.

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Corinne Dobbas
Corinne Dobbas
Dietitian+Wellness Coach

Corinne Dobbas is a mindful eating dietitian & life coach who helps women ditch the diet, date without drama & learn how to like themselves. Download her free Enough-ness Manifesto to remind you you're awesome on even your worst days at