It's Monday! 10 Tricks To Set Yourself Up For A Great Day

Is that your alarm going off, already? You quickly roll over to hit the snooze button, and maybe repeat a couple times before your feet hit the floor, dragging your half-asleep body behind it.

We all know that feeling, right? You tried to go to bed early. You try to be a “morning person.” Believe me, so do I! I've accepted that I am not a quick-outta-bed person. I need to stretch and yawn, and that’s ok! If you’re like me, you’ll want to try my tips for waking up and feeling recharged:

1. Sleep when the Sun does. 

Yes, our bodies want to be on the same cycle as the Sun. Sleep when it's dark, rise when it's light. I know it's easier said than done, but give it a go! Lavender essential oil has been my go-to for sleeping like a three-year-old who just got in the car after a busy day at the museum.

2. Slow it down.

It's not a race to wake up and run out the door, but it often feels like it. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier so you can wake up, stretch, meditate, or anything else that gets you jazzed up for your day.

3. Get some quick inspiration.

Whether it's a book, poem, quote, or your morning Yogi Tea, start your day with a major dose of positive vibes! Write down a few things you're grateful for. The universe loves positive people. Be one of them!

4. Set an intention.

What will YOU create today? Write it down. Let it be your mantra. When life gets too crazy and you're getting stressed, take a few deep breaths and come back to what you wrote. Your thoughts become things, so let this be your focus.

5. Start oil pulling.

Ever heard of it? It's my secret weapon for the whitest teeth on the block. Plus, it removes bacteria from our mouth first thing in the morning, and is great for clearing up congestion. Goodbye, allergy season sniffles!

6. Don't forget your tongue.

Now that your mouth is clean, get out that tongue scraper and give your tongue some love.

7. Energize and hydrate.

Our bodies are begging for water first thing in the morning. On an empty stomach, water purifies our internal system. It also cleanses the colon so that we can absorb and assimilate the nutrients in our food! I add lemon essential oil to mine. You can use lemons if you have them on hand. The lemon will kick up the cleansing and help stimulate your liver's ability to produce bile. A happy liver is a happy body!

8. Start dry brushing.

You'll want a brush with natural bristles. Dry brushing before a shower stimulates the body's circulation and gets the lymphatic system working in tip-top shape. Stimulating the lymph to release toxins means less bloating, improved kidney function, and improved digestion for you!

9. Eat breakfast.

Your body is hungry after fasting overnight. Your metabolism has slowed down while you were sleeping, and it needs a kickstart in the AM! Metabolism is like a fire; we have to throw some sticks on it to get it burning. Try to get some good proteins and veggies to satiate and energize you all the way until lunch. Eggs and veggies in a sprouted grain tortilla are a great option. Don't have time to cook? Whip up a quick smoothie! Throw some greens in your blender, along with coconut milk for some quality fats, maybe some nut butter, and a little fruit. Pulse. Enjoy!

10. Chocolate.

Yes. I said it. For me, I like my chocolate in the morning. And we're not talking a Snickers bar for breakfast. I am talking beautiful, pure, raw CACAO. No refined sugar and chemicals are invited to my smoothie parties. Cacao is my favorite because it's a superfood powerhouse! It contains more antioxidant flavonoids than red wine, blueberries, and green tea. More than 10 TIMES the amount, in fact. Shhh ... can you keep a secret? If you combine your cacao with berries, you'll boost the antioxidant properties even more, which means more free-radical fighting!

Now, go make a superfood smoothie and create the life of your dreams today!

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