A Simple Meditation To Empower You Throughout The Day

Written by Jo Beth Richards

Your greatness is immeasurable.

Feeling low, let down, and small?

Create more empowerment in your life with this simple guided meditation

Come to a comfortable seated position.

Bring your mind to the center of your body, your solar plexus, the seat and home of your power.

Concentrate on this place, sending your breath deep into the belly.

As you breathe into your power center, you begin to feel and see a warm golden light.

In this light you feel all power, strength, beauty and courage.

As you concentrate on the light, it begins to glow brighter, to grow.

You watch the light glow brighter until it fills your entire body. You're enveloped by warmth.

The light of the universe is shining through you.

The light of life, love and strength.

You are glowing with the light of a million sweet Suns.

Immersed in the glow, you begin to realize this light has always been inside of you — the glow of strength, beauty and courage. The light of the entire universe exists within your own soul.

Feel yourself as the light; feel yourself as the power of the universe.

Slowly begin to bring your inner eye back to focus, bringing the breath back into the body.

You watch as the glow of the universe moves back into your core center until it is again a small glow.

And even though the glow is no longer visible, your entire body is reverberating with that strength, beauty, and courage.

The power of the entire universe lives inside of you, always.

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