An Exercise to Get Rid of Fear and Start Trusting the Universe

Written by Jennifer Marut

The good news is that fear is merely an illusion. Fear is something we invent. The only thing that gives it any power is when we listen to it.

So since we create fear, that means we can destroy it. Fear loses its power over us if we stop listening to it.

When it creeps into our head, we can acknowledge its presence, look for what we can learn from the fear message, thank it for its concerns, and then refuse to listen.

It’s a choice that we can make.

How empowering is that?

I am begging you to break the bondage of fear in your life and start to live your life free. Free to live and breathe your dreams and receive your blessings from the universe that loves you, and wants to help you be successful and happy. This freedom can be acquired and granted to us through TRUST.

When we decide to trust in the universe, we create a sacred space that surrounds us like a shield that keeps the fear out.

When we trust—no matter what—that...

  • Everything will be OK.
  • Everything will work out fantastically if we walk our unique paths toward our dreams.
  • We will be led to add our own unique talent to the world. 

... then fears melts away.

Once we start trusting, and commit to trusting, life begins to really open up. We are like roses unfolding in bloom.

When you are trusting the universe, you feel lighter. You feel beautiful. You begin walking with passion and purpose. And you feel great because you know the universe has your back.

It feels amazing. It makes you feel like a kid again.

Remember when you were a child and you didn’t have to worry about anything? Without worrying about it, you were automatically clothed, and fed, and had a roof over your head. All you cared about was where you were going to ride your bike, the next neighborhood game, who would be available to play the next day, where to build your fort….

When you decide to trust in the universe to lead you on your way and take care of you, your playful nature is restored. When you opt to trust, the universe swallows up your worries. And your troubles. And LET'S YOU PLAY!

You are free to play when you have no worries. It’s the greatest feeling!

If I wake up on any given day with a heavy heart and feel the blues because the very thought of certain situations in my life and the uncertainties surrounding them are serving me pillaging thoughts of angst and worry--that is a clear indication that my trust in the universe is currently low. Instead of continuing down that self-destructive process of thought, I can stop myself right there, close my eyes, and start breathing.

As I slowly inhale, I breathe in trust, and slowly exhale fear. I breathe in trust, and bring it down into the bottom of my stomach and then alllllll the way down to my toes. As I exhale fear, I expel it from my lungs.

I continue to do this simple meditation exercise until I can feel the energy shift within and around me. I draw in light to myself as I focus on and renew my trust in my higher power.

After I am centered, I move into my day with positive energy and a knowing that everything is going to be alright. If I feel myself start to slip back into those mopey feelings, I begin to breathe in trust all over again, until the feeling subsides.

I would love to know how this meditation works for you! I would also like to know if there are any other exercises you do to renew your trust with the universe.

Get rid of the fear illusions, friends. Lighten your load of worries by trusting in the benevolence of our universe.

Bliss out and go play!

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