3 Steps to Harness the Power of Om to Transform Your Life

Written by Sandy C. Newbigging

You are a natural born miracle maker! Born within every person on the planet is the latent power to intentionally direct consciousness. Transforming it from pure potentiality into physical existence. You are doing it already, even if you have not been consciously aware of the fact.

In the ancient texts of the Upanishads, it says ‘In the beginning there was the word and the word was Om.’ There was a time when no thing existed. Only still silent space. Then out of the nothing came something. The first movement from the un-manifest to the manifest is known as the vibration of Om.

Om is the vibration of creation. Om is the very first movement from stillness. It is the first sound that comes from silence. And it is the first something that comes from the nothing. Om can therefore be said to be at the source of everything that exists in the manifest world.

Existing beyond the physical realm is your mind. Thoughts are in essence un-manifested potentiality. They are the seeds of creation. As a result, your thoughts are one of the most powerful tools that you have to direct consciousness - taking it from still silent space into physical existence. (Wow, what a marvellous gift you have residing within you now!)

Everything you see around you that is man-made was once a thought in a person’s mind. So if you want to create something new in your life, then you can do so by harnessing the power of your thoughts and Om.

Harnessing the Power of Om: Aligning your attention with Om is to align your attention with the infinite power of creation. It can be incredibly powerful. Whatever thoughts you marry Om up with in your mind can help to bring them into creation.

To harness the power of Om you can create what I call an ‘Om Thought’. If you want more love then ‘Om Love’ would be a very powerful Om Thought to use. If you want to make more money then ‘Om Abundance’ would be a valuable addition to your mind. Remember, you are going to marry up ‘Om’ with a positive intention so keep your desire positive and general i.e. not Om Ferrari! If you want a new car then it would be best to use ‘Om Abundance.’ Make sure you use a purely positive concept that best summarises in one or two words what it is you ultimately want.

For the best results, think your Om Thought with your eyes open throughout your day. Do not repeat it non-stop like you would a mantra, just think it occasionally whenever you remember to do so. You are not trying to force a feeling; it works even if you think or feel it isn’t. Every time you think it you are watering the seeds of your intentions by aligning your attention with the power of the universe. (Please remember: The universe does not like to be manipulated. This is a very powerful technique so it must be used with loving intent.)

How to Meditate Using Your Om Thought: It is recommended you do this meditation every day for about 10 minutes (or more if you want). Good times of the day are before breakfast, before dinner or before bed. For closed-eye sitting meditation, use the following instructions:

Step #1 – Preparation: Sit comfortably on a seat, sofa or even on your bed. Wear loose clothes, support yourself with cushions and wrap yourself in a blanket if there’s a chance you could get chilly. Then, decide what you want to create in your life, whether that be love, peace, happiness, health, abundance, adventure or whatever.

Step #2 – Gently be Aware of Now: Gently close your eyes whilst remaining alert. From the here and now, let your attention rest wide as you watch whatever is happening within your mind, right now. This takes no effort, no straining or trying. Continue by very easily, comfortably and gently observing your thoughts as they flow through your mind – as if they are passing clouds in the vast sky.

Step #3 – Think Your Om Thought: Gently think your Om Thought - ‘Om Love’ or ‘Om Peace’ or whatever you have chosen. After you think your Om Thought, let it go. Do not try to hold it in your mind. Just stay alert and watch whatever is happening within your awareness.

After a while you will notice that your mind has become active and that you have started thinking. This is natural and a habit so be easy on yourself. When you noticed that you’ve been thinking, gently re-think your Om Thought. For the rest of your time meditating, slowly go between being aware, thinking your Om thought, being aware as you wait until you start thinking, then re-thinking your Om Thought, being aware… and so on. Go back and forth, in a very easy and comfortable way.

Transforming your life from the inside-out: With regular practice you may start to notice more of what you want in your life. ou may also become aware of a quietness or stillness or peace. This is your conscious awareness. It is good when meditating to let your attention move to the stillest quietest part of your inward experience so that you can cultivate a more intimate relationship with the beauty and brilliance of your unbounded conscious awareness. By discovering the peace, love and abundance that exists within, you naturally experience more of what you want in your external world too.

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