Why Self-Worth Is More Important Than Self-Esteem

Licensed Social Worker and mbg Contributor By Vasavi Kumar, LMSW, MSEd
Licensed Social Worker and mbg Contributor
Vasavi Kumar, LMSW, MSEd, is a first-generation Indian-American born and raised on Long Island, NY. She holds dual Masters degrees in Special Education from Hofstra University and Social Work from Columbia University.
Why Self-Worth Is More Important Than Self-Esteem

Recently I was asked about my level of self-esteem. I immediately answered, “Of Course!” I mean how could I not? I have two Masters, a beautiful coaching practice, my own radio show featuring some of the biggest leaders in personal growth and self-development. Self worth on the other hand is a much more internal conversation. See, I had been basing my worth on all my accomplishments but at the end of the day I was never quite filled to the top.

Throughout my journey I’ve had to distinguish between the two and what would happen to my so-called worth if all of my degrees, accomplishments, achievements were taken away from me. In the depths of my darkness and the brightness of my light I know one thing for sure: we are all worthy. This is a difficult concept to grasp and probably one of the most difficult conversations you will have with yourself. I’m here to tell you that with awareness, kindness, and compassion towards yourself you will begin to feel worthy.

Here are the 5 B’s to Why You Are Worthy As You Are:

1. Because your past doesn’t matter. It's done and over with! Use those experiences as learning blocks and go forward to your magnificent, abundant life. There are no benefits to staying in the past, pick up your thoughts and spring forward.

2. Because the Universe created you in its infinite wisdom. Therefore you cannot be anything other than worthy. The Universe brings things and does things for a bigger purpose. It's no accident you're the way you are, you are perfect!

3. Because if you remove judgment from your mind and your heart on why you aren’t worthy...you would only be left with..you are worthy!!! Simplicity is often the key to to finding your self-worth.Banish your inner judgment now and you will find your true, biggest worth.

4. Because you said so. Do you know your mind doesn't know the difference between a lie and the truth? Tell yourself that you are worthy enough times. Fake it ‘til you make it. Take the actions to go along with it. Sooner or later its bound to catch up with you.

5. Because there is no distinction between worthy and unworthy in the eyes of the Universe. Come that place where all things are equal, believe that you are truly worthy and you will manifest it!

After taking myself through these 5 B's my self-worth is so apparent that I no choice but to bask in the radiancy of everything the Universe has given me. Once I'm in this powerful place I'm able to reach my goals and excel in life.

After going through this exercise how do you feel? Share your thoughts and ah-ha's below!

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