3 Steps to Leaving Anger & Frustration Behind

I seem to be frustrated with people for the choices that they make. I become passionate in my justifications as to why they are making choices that, in my mind, are wrong. Then I become irritated that others can't seem to accept the choices or the lifestyle that I have chosen for myself. Why do they persist in trying to change me? Trying to fit me into their mold?

Sound familiar?

Well that was a little blurb from an entry in my yoga journal. I know, some of you are wondering..'How could she put this in her YOGA journal'....haters!

The answer? My yoga journal is the perfect place for this entry. One day I was irritated, angry, frustrated and I finally had to sit down and just let it all out. I think it was better to write it all down on paper instead of venting it all out to someone else! So while going through this process I came up with three different questions that I asked myself.

1. Are these feelings wrong?

Now some of you might automatically answer yes, but are they really? Because I had these feelings I was able to sit down and work some things out and grow from it. In my mind, that is why we are all here. I do not want to keep these feelings and carry them around, but they served their purpose in my own personal spiritual growth, so I feel like they were a learning experience.

2. How do I resolve these feelings?

When I sat down I started writing about everything that was connected to these feelings. I wrote about why I was angry or frustrated or disappointed. I wrote about how I felt about myself because I had these feelings. I felt like I was not a nice person and I hated that! Yes, it might get ugly and it might really open up your eyes to what you are really thinking deep down. Good. We need to really accept ourselves. When we are having a bad day and we are not at our best, recognize that. Accept that you were being unreasonable and selfish. If you hide from the truth you will never be able to grow.

3. How do we change ourselves for the better?

Take a deep breath. Yep, my advice is to breathe! Part of beginning meditation is to focus on our breath. When we allow ourselves to continue to focus as our breath comes slowly in and out, you wont have room for all the negative venting emotions, instead you open yourself up for a more reasonable voice to come in. A voice that has your best interest at heart. Then after we have quieted our mind, reflect on how you could respond different and in a more positive and supportive way. Only when we take a step back and not act on those emotions can we see how we can change our future for the better.

And then repeat. Sometimes we will have to repeat these steps over and over. That is okay! It is a part of learning and growing and little by little we move closer to the person we truly want to be.

"We must first digest and embrace all the limiting beliefs we've collected throughout the years, and then, ultimately, summon the courage to let go of them all." - Debbie Ford

I hope this inspires you to summon the courage to change your life and your reactions for the better.

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