A Closer Look at "Positive Energy"

Written by John C. Bader

Modern science advocates that the subconscious brain is capable of processing some 20,000,000 environmental stimuli per second, compared to the conscious brain, which may struggle with as few as 40 processes per second. One could believe it is this incredible processing power of the subconscious mind that explains why people experience good results from techniques such as “positive thinking”, meditation and or prayer. Analysis of Bell’s Theorem indicates that once sub atomic particles in the form of energy connect at some level, they always remain connected. Supported by experimental evidence, this theory explains that connections can be made within the same room or across a galaxy. Some scientists have noted that such events may not be just limited to quantum mechanics as they relate to the Universe but to everyday events including prayer and bio-energy healing therapies like Reiki. Could this be the next step in human evolution?

It is no surprise then that prayer or positive thinking is a common denominator in most religions. In a Responsive Universe, the power of prayer and positive thinking comes from connecting to our True Nature, the intrinsic, immortal potential for reaching enlightenment that exists within the mind of every sentient being. With an open mind we as humans have the ability to take pure, unadulterated thoughts and channel them through the millions of neurons within our brain. This quantum energy is then radiated out into the world in which we live through an electromagnetic energy field, connecting and linking all matter. All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration and every facet of the Cosmos is a part of this system of energy, including humans. Conversely, these same energies can be channeled inward creating wellness from the inside out. Reiki and meditation are good examples of inner wellness therapies. Through various kinds of meditation and prayer, we can take positive thoughts and channel them into potential positive manifestations. A manifestation is an outward materialization perceived through human perception. Through the power of an open mind, we can strip a thought of all convoluted issues and social trappings. It requires us to be conscious of the present and not rooted in fear and past or fantasy and future. This idea is powerful and pure. It is the product of our full responsiveness and awareness and is a higher level of intelligent and spacious reasoning. This type of thinking can cause countless positive reactions in our environment. This is the next step in human evolution.

Positive reactions dominate the Universe and this positive energy has been a dominating force illuminating the human race since the beginning of mankind. Over the centuries, the concept of energy has had many names including for example, Japanese Ki, the Chinese Chi, the Indian Prana, and the Greek Aether. The Universe is an expanding bundle of energy that coalesces and forms new energy from old energy. For example, stars in the night sky die and exhale their tired gases to form nebulae, the birthplace of new stars. Life and death, in cosmic terms, constitutes a revolving door. Positive energy is based on this same premise. Everything is relative in universal terms. Whatever is put out into the world, will return to the source of action. Positive energy flows through the air we breathe like invisible ripples on a quiet pond. This energy is the tireless vehicle for everything in life. It pulses through the cosmos in the form of noble gases that form both distant galaxies and the charged particles of lightning that rock our backyards on a stormy night. This energy also constitutes the axiomatic antenna to theology and faith and is the backbone of Karma. God as explained by the Universe creates all things in the form of positive energy. By channeling our thoughts through positive thinking, we produce a new energy capable of causing positive reactions which will ripple through our surroundings based on the quantum scientific laws of the Universe.

The moral to this explanation of energy is simple. We are all connected to each other in some form or facet through a matrix of energy and matter. Every action we make, every word we speak and every act of compassion or malice is interwoven in ways that transcend our existence here on Earth. We are a facet of this immensity that is the Universe. And with such gifts comes the burden to live well and be loving people. So, live well, love often and be kind to yourself and others. The simplicity of such is truly the gift of enlightenment.

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