How Clues About Your Past Lives Can Improve This One: A Psychic Explains

mbg Contributor By Tanya Carroll Richardson
mbg Contributor
Tanya Carroll Richardson is an author and professional intuitive, giving readings to clients all over the world.
How Clues About Your Past Lives Can Improve This One: A Psychic Explains

Past lives can come up during psychic readings, especially if the angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters I work with feel that information about a past life is useful to my client. "But past lives are in the past," a friend of mine commented recently over dinner. "So why do past lives matter now?"

Just as our past experiences in this life can affect our current behaviors and how we see the world, our past lives can also inform and influence this life. Here are some of the ways that our past lives echo in this one:

1. Our callings are hints about our past lives.

I know an artist who has been getting paid—and well!—for his work since he was 9 years old. That's the age when he started bugging his parents to take him to publications and local galleries to sell his art. He showed me a picture of him at age 4, looking serious and composed in front of an easel, holding a palette of paints. This picture screams, "I have been an artist before!" Is there something you are extremely passionate about or have a natural talent for? Sometimes our soul has a strong calling that shows up in several lifetimes.


2. Activities that bring us joy now often brought us joy then.

During a recent meditation I received a clairvoyant image from Spirit of myself as a monk wearing a plain, coarse brown robe. Sitting hunched over a desk, I was working on an illuminated manuscript in my small, bare room. When I asked my guides when this past life took place, I was told clairaudiently, "In the late 1500s and early 1600s." This immediately explained why one of my favorite things in the world is to sit in a quiet room alone for hours and write, and it's surely no coincidence that then and now I work on books about spirituality. Do you like riding horses? Knitting? Swimming? Teaching? Cooking? Organizing? Looking after small children or pregnant mothers? Tending plants or animals? The things that bring us joy in this lifetime are probably things our soul has been drawn to before in past incarnations.

How Clues About Your Past Lives Can Improve This One: A Psychic Explains

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3. Intimate relationships reveal past-life connections.

We are each part of a soul family, and members of these soul families will often incarnate together lifetime after lifetime. Get quiet and ask your higher self, "Who among my close friends and family members is part of my soul family?" You might be surprised at a few of the answers—perhaps the name of an in-law will pop into your head, or you’ll see the face of your boss. The same is true for romance. Many times clients have told me during a psychic reading that they met someone, "and I have never felt this way around anyone before." The tingles, sparks, energy, and passion are off the charts! This is usually a sign of a strong past-life connection or romance. The important thing to remember is that just because you had a past-life romance with someone does not necessarily mean you want to get into bed with them—literally or figuratively—in this lifetime. Base your relationship on your compatibility now.

4. Are you drawn to a certain place? It may have been your home base in a past life.

Once, in my first session with a new client, I asked Spirit during my premeditation for the names of the client’s angels. I was given a bunch of traditional names from one region in the world. When I got on the phone with the client I asked if this country was part of her family's heritage. "No," she said, "but I have traveled there many times. It's my favorite place!" She was fascinated by everything about this faraway land: the culture, the people, the history. During our session Spirit told us this was a past-life location. Did you grow up in the woods but feel at peace and free by the ocean? You may have lived on an island or by the shore in a previous life.


5. Daydreams might partly be past-life memories.

Do you fantasize about being an ancient priestess, a knight, a warrior, a scholar, a scientist? These could be roles you have assumed before. If you have a specific fantasy that keeps popping up, try to work an aspect of it into your real life. If you dream of being an athlete, join a local team or start working with a trainer. If you imagine yourself as a sage or mystic, take a course or read books on the metaphysical arts.

6. Where are you blocked or feeling stuck?

We all have seasons in life when we feel like a fly caught in ointment. But what about aspects of life that are within our control, like those self-sabotaging patterns around our health, our finances, or our relationships that were established in past lives? A vow of poverty or celibacy from a past life could be making you feel comfortable not pursuing more money or more romance today. A pessimist might have learned in a past life to be overly cautious or wary because of traumatic world events. You may have been poorly treated in a past life and that is causing you to settle for much less than you deserve now. Sit down with a journal and ask your spiritual guidance squad to help you uncover your negative patterns that might be linked to past lives.

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