Psalm Isadora: In Memoriam

Today, I am deeply saddened that we lost a great member and friend of the mbg community, Psalm Isadora. According to her Facebook page, she passed away over the weekend.

I first met Psalm about a year ago when she became a contributor for mindbodygreen and she made an immediate impression on Colleen and me. That was the thing about Psalm—she always made an impression. To those who knew Psalm, she was an unapologetic force of nature!

Whenever she walked into a room, she wanted you to know it. She oozed confidence, rarely compromised, and always told you exactly what was on her mind. She was fierce. She was a warrior. And she was also a mother to a son.

Psalm survived what many people cannot—extreme sexual trauma that lasted much of her childhood. She channeled those horrific experiences into a message of female empowerment through sexuality and tantric principles. She shared this message of empowerment with the world through her articles, classes, and workshops. She even shared her deeply personal and emotional story about overcoming sexual trauma in a powerful talk at our last Revitalize event, which received a standing ovation.

She touched the people here at mbg. As our happiness and relationships editor, Allison Daniels, beautifully writes,

"She's changed the lives of countless people. Within the mbg community, she's helped so many people who wrote in about their most intimate, heartbreaking sexual and relationship struggles, giving them loving (and sometimes tough-loving) advice and encouragement."

Sometimes no matter how strong we are and how supportive the community around us is, the darkness finds cracks within the light and wins. This is one of those times.

We will miss you, Psalm. You will certainly never be forgotten.

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