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Money Is Empowerment: 9 Mindful Ways To Get The Wealth You Deserve

Jen Sincero
Written by Jen Sincero
Money Is Empowerment: 9 Mindful Ways To Get The Wealth You Deserve

Money Mondays is a series focused on the intersection of finances and well-being. We believe money is one of the last taboos in the wellness world: Why is it that we can talk about our sex lives and not our salaries? With an underlying drive to empower, we’re aiming to address all your burning questions about making money (and making more), saving it, spending it, but most of all how to use it to power the life of your dreams.

When it comes to self-care, so often our focus turns to topics like getting enough sleep, eating well, meditating, hydrating, unplugging, and downward dogging. Were one to add to this list making loads of money, it would seem out of place and jarring, like inviting a rodeo bull along on a spa day.

This is because the majority of the population—even though we say we'd love to roll into a giant mountain of money—has been conditioned to associate the making of lots of money with dirty, unfun things like working really hard or compromising one's values or having a skewed sense of what's truly important in life.

Making money is actually a form of self-care.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the caring and loving of oneself, having a healthy and proactive relationship with money truly belongs at the top of the list. If that feels weird to you, keep reading, this is for YOU.

As a human being living in our society on planet Earth, you require money to not only provide yourself with the things you need to survive, but you need it in order to thrive. Money is not a dirty thing! It's the medium of exchange you use to feed your brain, fund your adventures, nurture your creativity, support your causes, treat your friends, celebrate your life, send Grandma on the Disney Cruise of her dreams—basically, to express who you are in the most authentic and fullest way possible.


Money is an exchange, a gateway, and a means to an end.

The decriminalizing and mastering of money is especially important for us women because, unlike men who are valued as career-oriented breadwinners in our society, we are valued when we're nice, young, pretty, and not too show-offy. It's alarmingly common to hear about a woman who is rich and powerful while also hearing about how bossy and/or bitchy she is, or how she's demanding, overly aggressive, too masculine. For men, financial success is expected. For women, it's controversial.

One of the most powerful ways to embrace our own divine power is to let ourselves flourish. To get out of our own way. To stop apologizing for wanting what we want and for being who we are. To not only ask for, but demand, what we desire and deserve. And to gleefully focus on the making and spending of money so we can thrive.

Money is also a way to connect with and help people.

The Dalai Lama once said that the world will be saved by the Western woman. We have the education, the freedom, the business savvy, the intuition, and the nurturing ways that this planet and all the creatures on it so desperately need. But we can't save the world, or ourselves for that matter, if we're broke and exhausted and waking up in the middle of the night in a puddle of sweat due to recurring nightmares about our credit card debt.

If you want to transform your money story and become a financial badass, you have to focus on making money shamelessly. It's for the greater good. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but if you're not where you want to be, you have to ask yourself how truly important you've allowed the making of money to be in your life.

If you have any money—this is not how a holistically wealthy lady rolls.

Here are six additional tips to help you start flexing your mighty and magnificent money muscles right now:

1. Stop badmouthing money.

It's not something that you need to put down. When I say money, I also mean the economy, the rich, and your ability to rake it in. When you put money down, you create energetic clogs and actually block your ability to make more of it. Now is the time to shift your stance and start thinking and saying things like "Money is all around me and I gratefully and excitedly welcome it into my life." Just thinking these thoughts will be helpful in your quest to take back your power.


2. Surround yourself with people who appreciate money.

It's OK to want to surround yourself with people who make money, who appreciate money, and who remind you that you're not only capable of making money but that you're allowed to. This kind of power is contagious, and it's healthy to remind yourself of the power you can have when you're in control of your financial destiny. You control your money, not the other way around.

3. Take risks and push yourself outside your comfort zone.

Time to give yourself a raise, which can be so uncomfortable, especially for women. Ask for it at your office, double your rates, take out a loan to rent the space for your new business, hire a coach. Find out what your end goal is, and take the first step you need to get there. You got where you're at by doing what you're doing; if you want to increase your income, you need to change things up.


4. Get specific.

In order to inspire ourselves to make money, the exciting kind that we've never made before, we need to be excited! Money on its own is a meaningless pile of paper and coins, so you've got to get crystal clear about what the money is for, what it will mean for your life, and how it will make you feel. Vague aspirations lead to vague results; specific aspirations lead to kicking ass.

5. Kick the excuses to the curb.

You can have your excuses or you can have success, but you can't have both. Whichever outcome you train your mind on dictates the reality you see before you. Some people have much bigger struggles and obstacles to overcome than others, but we're all given the same choice as to how we perceive our reality. Success is not about your circumstances; it's about who you're being.


6. Meditate on money.

Sitting in purposeful silence is food for your heart and soul. It's as if your mind spends most of its time hanging out at a loud bar where everyone's yelling and drunkenly singing at the top of their lungs. Meditation shuts down the bar, rolls everyone out the door, and allows your higher self to commune with Universal Intelligence so they can actually hear each other.

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