5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Raise Your Vibration

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Now that we're almost one month into a new year, it can be tempting to give up on the resolutions you set so diligently at the end of December. Here are five things to keep in mind to make sure your have the best year ever.

1. Give up one thing that is no longer serving you.

If you have been hearing a little voice saying "give that up," it's likely you have been hearing it for years. Now is the time to listen and actually give it up. Give up one thing this year that is no longer serving you. For each thing we hold on to, we hold ourselves away from potential abundance.

An example of giving something up is usually in picking up something else that makes an awesome alternative. For instance, if you have a thing for housing pizzas, you would switch it out for juice cleanses and vegetables. The main idea is taking on what I call "conscious suffering," which means selecting something that may sting in the beginning but brings great RESULTS. We have to decide in a life of greatness do we want comfort or do we want results? Something has got to be given up...so which is it gonna be?

2. Be present.

To say that the present moment is the holy grail of existence is not an understatement. The remedy to being present can be found in meditation. Meditation forces you into a dance with presence for a short time—just 15 to 30 minutes daily. This small break in our "go go go" world has effects that spread out into the day and create long-lasting patterns on the path to presence.

As you go through the day practice "active presence" as well by dividing your attention. Keep one attention on your life and one always on your soul. I do this by watching my life like a film. Curious always about what is "she" doing, what is "she" creating. Not being identified with "her" keeps me free and present to the real reality of peace at all times.

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3. Say thanks.

Gratitude is a verb! Daily gratitude lists help invigorate the spirit and the soul. You won't know how lucky you are unless you get it out on paper daily. Make this a group activity by creating a gratitude email chain where you and a group of friends all share gratitude daily. Commit to saying thanks for at least 10 things each day.

Gratitude is much more than an action: It's a way of being. When we are thankful for what we have, we can truly allow ourselves to desire more. Desire is a thing that is planted in gratitude.

4. Bid envy farewell.

Say goodbye to envy; say hello to the real you! When we envy others, we cannot see our true capacity. Behind our envy hides everything that we came here to achieve and pursue. Choose self-love over envy every time it hits you.

Envy is just a sign from your higher self telling you what you really want! It is a glorious symbol of truth from within. If we can stop fighting it and see it as a siren calling us to our highest capacity it will lose its power over us.

5. Seek awareness.

Stop being cloudy. Choose to be aware of what's going on around you. People think if they are vague about how much money they spend, how much they weigh, and how much they drink, that it makes it all go away. I've found that the opposite is true. If you know your actual weight, you can lose more easily. If you know how much money you make and spend, you give yourself the room to make more! It's all about awareness. The goal is not to beat yourself up but to know what's up to be the best version of yourself.

Be wherever you are. Recognize that beating yourself up at the level you are currently at is like pouring poison on a plant. Awareness allows you to see, OK I need this much water, I need this much sunlight and then go ahead and provide it. Being where you are is where it's at!

Biet joins 1 Hotels with an extensive background in leading meditation and spiritually immersive exercises. As founder of Center of the Cyclone, an immersive experience that weaves meditation, self-inquiry, art, music, and fashion, Biet's platform is based upon fueling these worlds with a much-needed dose of spirituality. Biet's meditation exercises take participants through an emotional journey to reach a place of calm and joy.

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Biet Simkin

Meditation Teacher
Biet Simkin is the founder of Center of the Cyclone, an immersive experience that weaves meditation, self-inquiry, art, music, and fashion, offering an explosive experience. Biet’s feeling was that the world of intellect, fashion, and art needed spirituality, and the world of spirituality was often missing the mark and needed some vanity and fire. Combining these two worlds, Biet has created events with Lululemon, SoulCycle, Summit Series, Vice, Sundance Film Festival, the Path, the Collective, Babel, Serene Social, mindbodygreen, Wanderlust Festival, and more. Currently, she is working on her upcoming event at the Whitney and is the resident meditation leader at Neuehouse. Meditation with Biet is different in that it is more emotional; her work takes you through the emotional, intellectual, instinctive, and moving centers to get to a place of equanimity and joy. Through private one-on-ones, corporate groups, parties, speaking engagements, and pop-ups in museums and art galleries, Biet is bringing this big work into the world and helping raise consciousness from the outside in. Her work is also unique as it is bringing the sound of her music into the meditation experiences and giving music a new venue. Her newest album, The Lunar, debuted in September 2015.
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Biet Simkin

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