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How To Find Your Tribe Of Spirit Guides

Misty Sansom
Written by Misty Sansom
How To Find Your Tribe Of Spirit Guides

Imagine having an eternal friend by your side—someone who's always there for you, someone who's genuinely passionate about encouraging you to follow your dreams, find your calling, and live your purpose. Someone who's blessed with intuition, foresight, hindsight, and higher knowledge about you, the world, and everything in it. He or she can guide you, advise you, and help you in any way you want or need.

Nice, right?

You might not realize it, but you have people wanting to step into this role for you right now. Multiple beings are ready to be that eternal friend for you just as soon as you invite them in.

They're ready when you're ready.

Are you ready? These steps will help you finally welcome and connect with your spiritual tribe.

1. Assemble your team.

First, it's important to establish the terms and beliefs you feel comfortable using to describe this friend. Whether you choose to see it as your higher self, your spirit, the Universe, God, energy, a guardian angel, or your intuition, take the time to land on a word that resonates with you.

Who or what do you feel comfortable connecting with? Who or what do you most want to connect with?

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2. Invite them in.

Once you've decided who or what it is you want to communicate with, invite them in. Let them know you want them around and that you are listening to their messages, guidance, inspiration, and intuition.

Take a moment to do this when you're quiet and relaxed. Close your eyes, imagine who you're speaking to, and tell them you're ready. It doesn't matter if you utter this sentiment aloud or just think it. It will get through.

3. Take the time to communicate with them.

You should feel free to call on your team whenever you need its guidance. There are many quiet points throughout the day that are great for this sort of connection, such as during a meditation, workout, or restful nighttime routine. There is no right way or wrong way to call on your guides—do what feels comfortable to you.

You can talk directly to them by asking questions, presenting your problems, and evoking their guidance. Invite a dialogue. Listen. Again, these conversations can be aloud or in your mind.

You can also use a journal to write down a question you have. Using a different pen, let an answer flow through you onto the paper—no questioning, no second-guessing, or editing. Just let your hand write what it wants.

How will you know if they're listening?

This might sound frustrating to hear, but you'll know. After some time, you'll get a sign or a feeling so clear you can't help but notice it. Once you recognize the sign the first time, it will become easier to spot next time. Be open to what they say. You might end up totally surprised by the message you're given, but this is a good thing! If it's not something you expected to hear, it's probably something you needed to hear.

Here are some signs you might receive:

  • You might see an image or clear picture in your mind.
  • You might get a flash of inspiration or intuition or a sudden idea.
  • You might get a physical reaction, like a gut feeling or prickling on the back of your neck.
  • You might feel emotionally lighter.
  • You might see a sign or signs in real life, like synchronicities, symbols, or experience deja vu.
  • You might just know. This is one that I get a lot, and it's very hard to explain to others. If you get it, too, you'll know what I mean.

Remember to give thanks and express your gratitude for anything you feel your guide has had a hand in.

Try communicating with your guides for a month and keep note of what happens. You never know who will be on your team.

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