The Mystical Toolkit That Will Help You Become The Most Creative Version Of Yourself

mbg Contributor By Nisonja McGary
mbg Contributor
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Creativity is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, and patterns to create your own unique interpretation of the world around you.

We are all naturally creative to some extent—whether we show it through our clothing, hairstyle, or writing. Using crystals is a great way to turn this inherent creativity up a notch. Creativity starts from within our dreams and desires—and healing stones help us hone in on these visions and turn them into reality.

Simply keep these stones in sight the next time you're creating, holding them in your hands from time to time and visualizing what you want to come out of your creative endeavor. When dealing with natural components from the earth, it is helpful to use all of our senses to really get in tune with them. So relax, light a candle, listen to your thoughts, feel the stones, and take the time to infuse them with your creative intentions.

1. Amazonite

Amazonite is often used to assist in personal expression. A stone of communication that's associated with the throat chakra, it helps give us the power to say what we really mean. It is also said to be helpful with intuition, so it can help you recognize those creative thoughts as they come and share them in an eloquent way.


2. Aquamarine

Aquamarine is known as a stone of wisdom and confidence. It can help us filter out unnecessary noise in our lives and become more in-tune with our own inner creativity.

3. Blue Lace Agate

This is one of my all-time favorite stones. Its beauty is its own exquisite example of creativity, since you can look at the same blue lace agate stone over and over and see something different every time. The stone is said to help clear the mind and balance the emotions, so it's perfect for bringing your creativity to life.

4. Blue Chalcedony

This wonderful stone is said to help with memory and listening skills. Like amazonite, it is a throat chakra stone that's associated with communication. Specifically, it can be used to enhance public speaking skills and smooth discussions. It also brings a creative flare to written speech and other written communications.


5. Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla is a calming stone that helps our thoughts flow more freely. Great for verbal communication, this one can help put you at ease when you're dealing with a heavy subject or speaking from the heart.

6. Quartz

Quartz is well-known for creating harmony and positive, magnetic energy. It amplifies our creativity and helps us tune into our own inner power.


7. Turquoise

This stone is great for problem solving and wiggling out of unwanted situations. It is valuable for clarifying our desires and expressing them to others who can help us manifest them.

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