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Here's A 5-Minute Meditation You Can Do In The Shower

Marlu Harris
Written by Marlu Harris
Here's A 5-Minute Meditation You Can Do In The Shower

Have you ever showered outside at a campground or the beach?

This morning in the shower, as I stretched my neck upward to catch the spray directly on my face, I flashed back to being 10 years old, at a church camp with outdoor showers. The showers were semi-enclosed, with wooden walls and no roof. Lifting my face to the shower head, with water splashing over my cheeks, I closed my eyes and I was there at camp, with the sun pouring down from the open roof and my mind full of wonder at the day ahead. I inhaled the familiar fresh pine air of the Rocky Mountains, content in that topless shower with sunlight warming my head and water running down my legs, swirling toward the drain in the cement floor beneath my feet.

The days seemed endless then, flowing from one scene to the next with ease, and my whole life lay ahead of me. “Being here now” was easier then, especially on that summer day at camp.

Meditation and mindfulness moments, like those in the shower, can add a peaceful, timeless quality to your life.

My daily meditation of Sun Above, Earth Below probably started then, especially since I love doing this in the shower.

Sun Above

Imagine the sun, a golden orb over your head, with the rays pouring over you like honey, covering your body.

1. Inhale deeply, breathing in that golden light through the crown of your head. Imagine the golden light filling the inside of your entire body, behind your eyes, into your throat and traveling everywhere, while at the same time enveloping the outside of your body.

2. Allow the light to travel into every area, every nook and cranny and, where you find tension, breathe in even deeper and blow away the stress with each breath out.


Earth Below

3. Now imagine that roots are growing out from the soles of your feet, traveling deeply into the center of the earth, where there is a glowing emerald globe, a jewel of healing green energy.

4. The roots are drawn to that energy and pull up the green healing light from the earth’s emerald center up and into your feet and all throughout your body, mixing with the golden light of the sun.

5. The emerald green and sparkling gold lights swirl together, forming a cocoon of protection, healing and light surrounding you and shieldingyou from any negativity or interference from the outside.

6. Say to yourself or aloud:

The sun is above me, the earth is below me. I am safe and protected. I am connected to source energy. I am aligned with the sun, the earth, the universe, and beyond. All is well.

Do this for 5 minutes a day and you’ll feel centered and refreshed for what lies ahead.

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