How To Physically Release The Fears That Keep You Stuck

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When you don't allow fear to release itself, it accumulates in your body and begins to express itself in patterns of struggle and pain.

Your body is one of the most effective resources for releasing fears and blockages. Just as your body is capable of releasing physical things that don't serve you through sweating, urination, etc., it also has the power to release emotional toxicity.

If a gazelle survives a scary experience with a predator, the gazelle will intensely shake its body to release any residual fear or anxious energy. After it releases that energy, it goes about its day as if nothing ever happened.

This natural process of energy release is something that humans have learned to suppress. We have learned to ignore fear and hope that the energy just disappears rather than taking the natural steps of physically releasing the energy as soon as it's safe to let go.

Here are some tips for re-engaging your body's natural release of negative energy.

1. Notice the fearful energy in your body.

After a frightening experience, most people try to pretend they weren't afraid or affected at all. For an example, if a child is scared, it's quite common for a parent to try to persuade the child to stop crying and immediately attempt to convince them that they are OK.

This response doesn't honor the fearful energy flowing through the body of the child and stops the energy from fully expressing itself. When the energy isn't fully expressed, it accumulates and will find another outlet for release.

So, next time you get scared, stop what you are doing and honor your fear by acknowledging it. Affirm that it's OK to be afraid.

Say, "I'm experiencing fear and that's perfectly normal."

2. Communicate with your fear.

Your fear is energy, and all energy can communicate. If you want to support your fear as it is released, acknowledge the information your fear has been trying to give you.

If a child is afraid and you ignore that child, their fear will persist and manifest in different ways. However, if you communicate with the child, you can better understand the child's needs and support them in feeling seen, heard, supported, and ultimately safe.

To communicate with your fear, notice where the fearful energy is in your body. Fearful energy manifests in the body in the form of anxiety or heaviness in the heart, nervous energy in the limbs, tension in the back or shoulders, etc.

Once you find the crux of your fearful energy, put your attention on that part of your body and ask it the following questions:

What does this fearful energy want me to know?

What does it need to feel safe, supported, and secure?

When you engage in dialogue with your fear, it will reveal important information about the origins of your fear and how to feel safe in the present moment.

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3. Amplify the fearful energy with repetitive movements.

This is an intuitive step that requires that you get in tune with your body. The same way a duck intensely flutters its wings after a conflict with another duck, you can use repetitive movements to release energy from your body.

To find the right movement to release the energy, bring your attention back to the part of your body that is holding your fear (anxiety in the heart, nervous energy in the limbs, tension in the back).

Focus on this part of your body while taking deep breaths. Listen to how your body wants to move. It may begin twitching or shaking. As you feel how your body wants to move, surrender to the movement completely and amplify it. Repeat it until it organically comes to an end.

You may find that you lose yourself in the movement and intense emotions come to the surface. Surrender to the emotions as well as the movement.

If no movements or emotions come to the surface, ask yourself, how does it make me feel that nothing is happening? Then ask yourself, what would that feeling look like as a movement?

Whether your fear is about financial matters, relationships, your career, or something else, it wants to be released so that it can support you in manifesting the life you desire. Use your body as a vehicle to release fears, clear blocks, and interrupt patterns of struggle and pain.

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