How Flower Remedies Can Actually Help You Attract Love

Written by Alexis Smart
How Flower Remedies Can Actually Help You Attract Love

Flower remedies are classified as “vibrational medicine,” like homeopathy and acupuncture. These systems recognize that we all have a life force energy present in our bodies, minds, and spirits. When this life force is balanced and humming, the body has an innate self-healing capacity.

Flower remedies are made by gathering blossoms at the height of bloom and floating them in a crystal bowl of spring water. After a few hours in full sunlight, the water becomes imprinted with the energy of that flower. The water is then bottled and preserved to be digested in small quantities every day. Not to be confused with aromatherapy, these remedies are scentless.

Using these remedies is thought to encourage positivity and balance and clear away any negativity.

The background

Bach Flower Remedies were discovered in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach—a British doctor and celebrated pioneer in vaccines.

Over the years, Dr. Bach observed that his happier patients seemed to recover faster than the ones who were hopeless or depressed, indicating that illness begins in the spirit. He made it his life's work to find a treatment that truly cured—one that treated physical symptoms and emotional distress.

Dr. Bach eventually created a complete healing system, comprised of 38 different flower essences—one for every type of human emotion. I can honestly say that I've never felt that the collection of 38 was missing anything.


How to use them

Like practicing yoga and eating well, flower remedies can be used as a supportive therapy to raise your vibration and keep you glowing. They can also help you manifest the life you truly want by attracting love and confidence and removing limiting beliefs.

Flower remedies for finding love

You can customize your own love formula by combining three or four essences into one bottle. Once you find a few that resonate with you, get a 1-ounce glass dropper bottle, fill three-quarters of it with spring water, and add four drops of each essence. Top off with brandy or apple cider vinegar to preserve. Shake gently. Take four drops of this mix under the tongue four times a day. Expect to see change after a month or so.

Here are a few remedies that might be good to start with since they are thought to heal old wounds and treat residual pain:

Star of Bethlehem

This flower is used to heal grief, loss, sadness and emotional or physical shock and trauma from any point in your life.



This removes sad memories that trigger expectations of negative outcomes.

These remedies are more specific, so you will likely recognize yourself in some of the descriptions:


You love to be of service and are very giving. You have trouble saying “no.” This is a wonderful trait, but it can cause you to lose yourself in relationships, stay in abusive or unsatisfying situations, and feel emotionally and physically weak. Centaury will help you put yourself first but still give when it's appropriate.



You are the loving person who fusses over everyone. However, you often feel unloved and neglected when things around you are out of balance. Chicory builds emotional security, so you can love without fear of abandonment.


You have a hard time being alone, require a lot of reassurance, and often worry about your health. You may feel an emptiness within yourself, no matter what you do. Your romantic choices are often based on the fear of being alone. Heather can turn loneliness into independence and help you feel complete in yourself.



You often feel unnecessary guilt, and you blame yourself for everything. You feel uncomfortable receiving gifts and compliments because you don’t feel you deserve things—especially love. This may cause you to choose partners who don’t value you. Pine can help you feel more self-acceptance and attract the kind of love you truly deserve.

Water Violet

You love to be alone, and might feel as though you've gone so long without a relationship that you no longer know how to share yourself with another. You feel lonely, but you definitely have some walls up and are socially reserved. Water Violet can help you open yourself to others and become more magnetic in your relationships.

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