The Perfect Meditation App For People Who Love To Drop The F-Bomb

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The Perfect Meditation App For People Who Love To Drop The F-Bomb

Meditation isn't about turning off the mind. It's about building a healthier relationship to what's going on in the mind. And sometimes, what's happening in there is a whole mess of profanities.

Nothing feels better than dropping a big ol' F-bomb when it feels like the world's against us.

And that's where the H*nest Meditation app comes in. With a healthy serving of your favorite four-letter words, its guided meditations comfortingly confirm how we really feel when we try to meditate.

The app—which delivers "peaceful meditation with a pinch of salty language" at your choice of 2, 5, 10, and 15 minute intervals—comes from Jason Headley, the short film director behind last year's F*ck That: An Honest Meditation, which now has over 6.5 million views on YouTube.

In the viral meditation, he instructs us to "Breathe in strength; breathe out bullshit" in the perfect yoga-teacher-during-savasana voice.

"With each breath, feel your body saying, 'F*ck that,'" he continues.

The world begged for more—and Headley obliged.

Apparently, there are many of us swearing sailors out there. "Rage Yoga," Vinyasa classes where swearing up a storm is encouraged, is now a thing. And it's not a bad thing: science has shown that foul-mouthed people have better vocabularies and that cursing actually ups pain tolerance.

Many of us practice meditation first thing in the morning, when it feels like the weight of the day ahead is too much to carry. Well, I can imagine no better start to the day than hearing Headley's soothing voice tell me that "all that sh*t is f*cking b*llsh*t."

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