6 Questions To Help You Realize Your Goals This Year

Written by Yogi Cameron

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The beginning of the year brings challenges because of all the expectations we put on ourselves. With each year that rolls in, most people focus on hoping and trying, but not actually on doing. This becomes everyone’s downfall.

Your approach and mindset to how you want to reach your goals is going to make the biggest impact on whether you can build enough momentum to accomplish them, and to also sustain yourself to the point of permanent change.

At this point you need to ask yourself how badly do I want to reach my goal? The answer needs to be very clear to you.

Once you have decided that reaching a goal is very important to you, we can look at the steps you need to take to get there. Start with these six questions:

1. Do my goals align with my beliefs?

A client of mine told me that they wanted to do some yoga and learn more about yogic living because they wanted to feel closer to their partner and be more supportive of them.

After a month, they didn’t continue with the practice and became distracted with something else they like to do. So, you see, you might say one thing but actually believe or want to do something else. This is why you need to be clear with yourself from the beginning.

2. How hard am I willing to work to reach my goal?

It’s easy to say you are going to work hard, but to actually follow through with it takes determination. Whenever I start something, I ask myself this question. In the past, I’ve started a few projects and quickly found out that I wasn’t willing to do the work once things got a little hard. This is a big waste of time when we could be doing what we love to do.

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3. Does my goal need long-term attention?

There are long-term and short-term goals, which we all have. If we are dealing with short-term goals, they will not need as much effort from us as a long-term goal does. If you are going to set up your own business, you will need a long-term view of things rather than if you are going to learn to cook a few dishes of food.

4. What kind of preparation do you need to do in order to reach your goal?

If you are planning on losing weight then you'll need to prepare by emptying the house of foods that are temptations for you. You'll have to fill the fridge with fruits and vegetables. You'll have to stay away from events and people who are not supportive of your goal.

That's just one example. Create a plan for your goal, whatever it may be, and figure out a way to prepare for it.

5. What kind of support do you need along your journey?

If you made a point of giving up drinking as your goal, then you'll need support from people so you won’t feel tempted to start drinking again. You need to befriend others who also don’t drink and support a healthy lifestyle. It is much easier hanging out with others who have the same lifestyle so you feel supported and can grow in their presence rather than fall back into your old ways.

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6. When you reach your goal, what do you need to do to sustain the changes?

This is often the beginning of the second part of the journey, especially if you have reached this phase before. Not falling back into old habits requires a lot of attention from you. It means spending more time practicing your new habits so you can distance yourself from the old you.

These six points will help you prepare, start, and sustain your journey of change and will help you reach your goals. The beginning of the year brings with it a lot of excitement; it's time to turn that excitement into reality and experience what it’s like to flourish and become purposeful in your life.

If you feel you need some guidance, direction, and support to reach your goals this year and you would like for me to personally help you get there — click here to get more details.

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