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16 Affirmations To Inspire A Vibrant, Fulfilling Year

Rachael Kable
Written by Rachael Kable
16 Affirmations To Inspire A Vibrant, Fulfilling Year

What's the point of an affirmation? A few years ago, I wasn't sure of the purpose and didn’t think affirmations could really change anything. After all, they’re just words, right?

Words, yes. But the meanings behind them are much more powerful than I realized. Our thoughts do shape our reality, and now I choose to create a more vibrant, positive, and loving one.

We can move into 2016 in fear of the unknown or nursing disappointment from times of the year that didn't live up to our expectations. Or we can choose to kick off the new year believing in ourselves and our dreams and appreciating the goodness in our lives.

Spend a few minutes on each affirmation below, imagining that the words and their meanings are raining down on you like a rain shower.

You might also want to write down your favorite affirmations and stick them on your mirror or your fridge, to let their positive effects build on each other over time.

1. I am moving closer to my dreams.

Every day takes us further along our paths toward our goals, dreams, and aspirations.


2. I love myself and the people around me.

It feels good to feel and share love. The more we acknowledge the love in our lives, the more we realize it's there.

3. The world needs my uniqueness.

There is no one in the world exactly like you! Own your uniqueness and know that everything about you is what makes you special.

4. I wake up each morning with intention and purpose.

By knowing our “whys” we connect to motivation, drive, and determination.

5. I am ready to create amazing memories.

I'm here and I'm excited to have new experiences this year, which will absolutely be worth remembering!

6. I am powerful in so many ways.

Honor your gifts, your talents, your efforts, your achievements. Your best efforts are powerful.

7. I create time for my hobbies and activities I enjoy.

Deliberately make time for the things that light you up and help you feel fulfilled.

8. Every day, I learn and continue to grow into the best version of myself.

We experience so much in just one day! When you are open to learning new things, you can choose to grow into the best version of yourself.

9. I am supported, safe, and free.

Bring your attention to the people who support you, the safety you have with a roof over your head and the freedom of being able to make so many decisions for yourself.

10. I am grateful for everything in my life.

We can choose to feel bitter for what we do not have or we can choose to appreciate what we do have. Even the tough times are learning experiences and allow us to be challenged and rise up.

11. I accept, love, and appreciate myself, exactly as I am.

We swooned when Mark Darcy told Bridget Jones he liked her, just the way she was. It's something we would love to hear, so why not say it to ourselves? After all, we do deserve to be accepted, loved, and appreciated, just as we are.

12. I listen to my needs and prioritize self-care.

To be the best version of yourself, you need to take the time to “fill your own cup.” Stop and ask yourself what you truly need, then do it!


13. I radiate love with smiles.

Lavish your smile on the people around you and feel the love.

14. I am open to abundance, joy, and pleasure.

When we are open to positive experiences, we are more likely to recognize them when they appear in our lives.


15. I'm excited for what's to come.

We can fear the future and the unknown or we can expect that the best will happen. The only thing that will be different is the way you get to feel right now.

16. Today is meaningful, important, and special.

Let's move into 2016 with purpose, knowing that every day is truly special. It's a leap year, so we have 366 days to choose who we want to be and what we want to do! Let's make them worth it.

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