This American Airlines Flight Attendant Inspires Her Passengers With Tiny Window Notes

Flying sucks. Yes, there are those of us who don't mind it, who enjoy the taste of salty peanuts and Bloody Mary mix at 35,000 feet, but most of us would much rather teleport to our destination than go through the pull-your-hair-out process of traveling.

Flight attendants generally try to make the entire ordeal easier for us, but one in particular, Taylor Tippett of American Airlines, really goes above and beyond.

Tippett tapes little notes of encouragement to the windows of the airplane for unsuspecting passengers to discover when they sit down.

Photo by @taylortippett

It all started about a year ago, with a single note — "Be kind to yourself." — that she stuck to a passenger's window. She told The Huffington Post that she was had just gone through a breakup, and she was being very hard on herself. She came to the realization that she needed to show herself more compassion and wanted to remind other people to do the same.

So, she took a photo of the note and posted it to Instagram, where it quickly garnered thousands of likes and comments. Et voilà! "Words From The Window Seat" was born.

Since then, Instagram users have taken to their own accounts using #wordsfromthewindowseat to make flying a more enjoyable experience, yes, but also to motivate others to show themselves more love.

Here are some of our favorite Tippett-inspired window 'grams:

Photo by @taylortippett's mom

Photo by @kaehope

Photo by @mackbenevides

Photo by @kathleenmotoa

Photo by

Photo by @charlively

Photo by @lucialitman

Photo by @tunenadcha

Photo by @riotandahalf

Photo by @adelemecca

(h/t HuffPost)

Cover photo: Taylor Tippett/Facebook

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