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15 Affirmations To Bring You Lasting Happiness

Shannon Kaiser
mbg Contributor By Shannon Kaiser
mbg Contributor
Shannon Kaiser is the best-selling author of 5 books on the psychology of happiness and fulfillment including The Self-Love Experiment, Adventures for Your Soul, and Joy Seeker. She has a B.A. in Journalism and Communications from the University of Oregon.

My best friend just had her first child. The baby is gorgeous, tiny, and squishy.

It’s literally a whole new world of possibilities. Everything is unknown. Her entire life, all her adventures lie ahead. And she has no idea what’s in store for her.

The truth is, what she gets out of life (and what we all get) depends more heavily than we like to admit on our own attitudes. We can choose to see the world as a tough, troubling, conflicted place — or we can color our experiences with love, joy, and possibilities. It’s your choice. But knowing that your attitude affects your outcome, try to find the benevolence in the universe. Believe that things don’t happen to you but for you.

We can let go of whom we think we need to be to become who we really are.

That relationship that didn’t pan out, the job you didn’t get, or the traumatizing loss of a loved one are all truly part of a bigger plan. You are being groomed for the next chapter of your life. Consider the idea that all the trials and difficulties you face are opportunities for you to grow. It is often our resistance to change that prevents us from reaching the next level. The universe will steer us in new directions, ones that align with our highest good, even if we don’t realize it at the time. Believe in timing and trust the process — your future self will thank you.

As I think about this newborn, I can’t help but reflect on the life lessons I’ve learned in the past three and a half decades.

She’s just taken her first breath, and life to her is unfolding as it should. If I could give her anything, I would let her know that life is what we make it. We can choose to be victims of the challenges in our lives, or we can choose to rise strong, with a resilient focus, and live a glorious adventure that ignites our souls. I choose the latter. But it wasn’t always that way.

I spent almost three decades of my life consumed with fear, worry, and anxiety. My life was an uphill battle; every day was a struggle. For a while, making it through the day without crying was a miracle. My life was hard — not because it was actually hard but because my fear and insecurities cast a pall of anxiety over every action. My doctor diagnosed me with clinical depression, and instead of turning to prescription drugs, my inner voice said, “Follow your heart.” For the past five years I’ve been on a steadfast mission to do just that.

I’ve transformed my life and learned that we have the power to rise above anything. We can let go of who we think we need to be to become who we really are.

What do you need to let go of? For me it was fear, limiting beliefs, and my attachment to anxiety. With each step away from what wasn’t working, I stepped toward what could work and unveiled a purpose-driven, passion-filled life. I’ve fallen in love with my life, my career, and myself. You can, too.

In honor of the new little one in my life, and the inner child in us all, let’s reconnect to what has been lost.

Here are fifteen affirmations to help you shift your perspective when you start to feel overwhelmed:

1. There’s no need to worry; everything always works out the way it should.

2. The root cause of all frustration is expectations. Release expectations and you will feel free.

3. You can’t reach your goals when you’re jealous or comparing yourself to others.

4. Spend less time praising people who have made it. Celebrate those who are on the journey of achieving.

5. Just do you. You are exactly where you need to be to get where you want to go.

6. Your purpose is not something you need to find. It is already in you; it is something to reveal.

7. Don’t try to change the world. Just find something you love and do it every day. In time, the world will change.

8. When you nurture the inside, the outside will flourish.

9. Believe in yourself; YOU are the best gift you can give to the world.

10. We are never truly lost.

11. Everything is simple. Everything is not always easy.

12. There are no mistakes. Every “wrong" choice brings you closer to the right ones.

13. One day it will all make sense; everything is connected.

14. Your problems are not problems. They are pathways.

15. Difficult roads always lead to divine destinations. Trust the journey.

Make your own list of affirmations here.

Shannon Kaiser
Shannon Kaiser
Shannon Kaiser is the best-selling author of 5 books on the psychology of happiness and fulfillment...
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Shannon Kaiser
Shannon Kaiser
Shannon Kaiser is the best-selling author of 5 books on the psychology...
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